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How to create a local area network

How to create a local area network

LAN allows you to organize the working area in the company.

Through this network, all users within the local network will have access to the Internet.

You will need

  • Several personal computers (at least 2), installed operating system, Ethernet network cable (twisted pair)



First and foremost, you must make sure thaton your personal computers set a password (on accounts). In that case, if you do not, then it is necessary to put it. Otherwise, you may have a lot of different problems related to security. Set your password as follows: "Start" bar, open "Control Panel." Then the panel must find a field: "User Accounts" and select "Changing your password" option.


Be sure you want to assign all computerstheir names. To assign the name of the PC, you need to find the icon "My Computer" and click on the right mouse button. select "Properties" in the pop-up menu. Next, you need to find the tab "Advanced System Settings", where there is the "Computer Name". This field is subject to mandatory changes. The corresponding line, as the computer name, you must enter the PC1 (on other computers PC2, PC3, etc.). After the name of the computer will be assigned, you need to install the checkbox, the computer is a member of the working group and to enter WORKGROUP. Then restart your computer.


After naming computers needalso assign the IP-address (each computer). In order to achieve this we need to "Control Panel" to find the "Network Management and Sharing Center." Further, in the tab "Change adapter settings" have to choose the local area network (must be marked with a red cross). By clicking the right mouse button, you need to go to "Properties". Here, the following fields are specified: "Internet Protocol Version 4" and "Use the following IP-address". In the IP-address enter


Once IP-addresses and assigned names canstart checking the connection between computers. This item is not as important as it was after checking the connection between the computers can be understood - if the local network is working. Verification can be done by entering the cmd command, which is recorded in the line "Run." After the open command line window will need to enter the command ping, and then press Enter. If the answer to the first computer is received, it means that the connection between the two computers there. Verification must be done with the other computers that will be on the same local network. If each computer response is received, then you can start to work. Otherwise, you need to search for errors.

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