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How to make a list of artists of the 19th century


Auguste Renoir. "Claude Monet at work in Argenteuil"</a>

The 19th century is the time of the heyday of both world andRussian painting. During this period, the key trends in Western European painting are Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, Pre-Raphaelism.

If you want to make a list of artists of the 19th century, it is better to structure it in the directions that these artists represented, as well as to the countries that were the centers for the development of these directions.

Western European artists of the 19th century

Start the list with representativesWestern European painting of the 19th century, France was considered to be the world cultural center at that time (still from the 17th century), and Romanticism was the artistic style that opened the era. Strangely enough, it is much easier to find information on Romantic representatives in painting in general on the Internet than on French artists of the 19th century. For example, you can refer to the information provided on the site smollbay.ru, where the artists are romantics, not only in France, but also in other countries. By the way, to begin the list of representatives of romanticism in the painting of the 19th century follows from one of its ancestors - Spaniard Francisco Goya. Also here you can include the names of Jacques Louis David, whose work takes the borderline between classicism and romanticism, and the "true romantics" of Theodore Gericault and Eugene Delacroix.
Romanticism is replaced by a realisticPainting, also originated in France. Pretty capacious article about this direction is contained in the "Encyclopedic Dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron", on the Internet, its text can be found on the website dic.academic.ru. Representatives of realism in the fine arts of France, first of all, include Honore Daumier, Gustave Courbet and Jean Francois Millet.
One of the most striking pages in the history of the FrenchPainting - the emergence and development of impressionism. Information about Impressionist artists is easy to find, referring to the sites hudojnik-impressionist.ru, impressionism.ru, as well as to numerous printed publications on this subject, for example, "Impressionism. Illustrated encyclopedia »Ivan Mosin,« Impressionism. The Enchanted Moment "by Natalia Sinelnikova," The History of World Painting. Impressionism "by Natalia Skorobogatko. The leading masters here are Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Edgar Degas.
Equally common is the information onRepresentatives of neo-impressionism and post-impressionism. You can find it on the already mentioned site smollbay.ru or in Elena Zorina's book "History of World Painting. The development of impressionism. " First of all, the list should be supplemented with the names of Georges Sere, Paul Signac, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
Increasingly popular is theDirection in English painting of the second half of the 19th century, as Pre-Raphaelism. The names of its representatives can be found on the sites dic.academic.ru, restorewiki.ru or in the books "Pre-Raphaelism" by Ivan Mosin, "The History of World Painting. Victorian painting and Pre-Raphaelites by Natalia Mayorova and Gennady Skokova. The leading masters of this direction are Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Milles, William Holman Hunt, William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones.

Masters of Russian painting of the 19th century

List of Russian artists of the 19th century to composeIt is much easier, having addressed for the information to such sites, as www.art-portrets.ru, art19.info or one of the numerous encyclopedias of Russian painting. Representatives of Romanticism (Orest Kiprensky, Vasily Tropinin, Karl Bryullov), artists whose work represents the transition from romanticism to realism (Alexander Ivanov, Pavel Fedotov) and finally the famous Wanderers (Ilya Repin, Ivan Kramskoy, Vasily Perov, Vasily Surikov, Alexei Savrasov, Ivan Shishkin, Isaak Levitan, Viktor Vasnetsov and many others).
Making a list of artists of the 19th century is not such a difficult task, you just need to make a little effort to find and systematize information.

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