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How to write the equation of a straight line

The equation of the line given the coordinates of two points on the plane

Direct - algebraic line of the first order.

In a Cartesian coordinate system in the plane equation of the line given by the equation of the first degree.

You will need

  • Knowledge of analytical geometry. Basic knowledge of algebra.



The equation of the line given the coordinates of the two pointson the plane through which this line must pass. We form the ratio of the coordinates of these points. Let the first point has the coordinates (x1, y1), and the second (x2, y2), then the equation of the line can be written as follows: (x-x1) / (x2-x1) = (y-y1) (y2-y1).


We convert the equation of a line and clearly express y by x. After this operation, the direct equation takes the final form: y = (x-x1) / ((x2-x1) * (y2-y1)) + y1.

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