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How to create a good website

How to create a good website

Create a site is easy? the Internet can find a great variety of free hosting sites with ready-designers, in which light and accessible graphic interface.

We can only text and drive is ready, but it will help you create a good site, and not just a website, which millions?

Only just a few points that are worth remembering.

You will need

  • - A computer
  • - The Internet



Despite the seeming ease, do not try toto place the site on the first available free hosting. Remember that your first website? this is the first contact with a potential audience, and opinion that has evolved since the early days of the existence of your site, and will continue to do your PR, good or bad? you decide. Free hosting service provides second-level domains, that is unlikely to cause a high percentage of confidence among site visitors.


When you create a site using the available templatessites, if they do not exist? look at the other sites of similar subjects. Select the basic laws that must be followed? whether colors or methodology location menu buttons. This will simplify your task and time spent on the building site.


Use keywords as often as possible inthe context of your site - and directly to the content of the site, and in the headers of your site. Remember the SEO-optimization, if you are not prepared or is it hard for you to trust the experts. This question is better to turn to proven companies with an extensive track record rather than freelancers.


Remember that a website should be interesting andattract your target audience views? as the line-up of information and pictures, videos and even, perhaps, an audio accompaniment. Make informative sites available.

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