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How to create a gazelle in a frost

The car "Gazelle" is quite reliable in terms of operation in the conditions of Russian roads.

That's only when the car is started in very cold weather the engine starts to act up.

To get rid of the problems with the launch, you should use the recommendations of experienced motorists, come up with some tricks to help you cope with the unruly engine.



Make sure the battery serviceability. It is from this unit will depend on how effectively will be able to start the engine starter. If you have to operate the "Gazelle" in the harsh conditions of pre-install a more powerful battery and promptly replace it with a new one. Optimal battery life is not more than three years.


At very low temperatures, try tobetween trips was not great pause. Completing work in the evening, before going home to a good warm up the car. It is also recommended to have a "Gazelle" in the day and make at least a short trip. So the car will be more confident to wind up when the need arises.


Use only high-quality enginesynthetic or semi-synthetic oil, which is not too hard thickens in extreme cold. Make sure that the fuel has always been at least a half tank. This will solve the problem with the formation of condensate.


If the engine in cold weather just does not start, two or three times turn on and off the clutch at the same time by switching transmission. This procedure will warm up the oil in the transmission.


Disconnect all devices that can consumeenergy, so necessary to start the engine: radio, fan, heaters of glasses. Before starting repeatedly switch on and off the high beam, battery to prepare for the load.


Put the ignition key in the operating position, andsure to wait until all the lights will go out of control devices. Depress the clutch and start the starter for ten seconds. When the engine, hold the clutch at once, wait until the engine speed will be stable. Otherwise, the machine can quickly stall.


If the engine does not start at the first attempt,wait a few minutes. Allow the battery to rest and repeat the launch. If the effect was not followed, try to remove the battery, and for some time to move it to a warm place.

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