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How to create a moon garden on the site


Moon garden</a>

The Moon Garden is the corner of the garden in which most plants are picked up with white flowers, as well as with silvery or gray foliage.

You can admire such a flower garden not only during the day.

It will look great in the night, in the light of the moon.

Lunar garden is able to revive the garden plot inNight time, when plants seem more mysterious. This corner in the garden has a peculiar refinement and tenderness. If there is not a site there are many flower beds with bright flowers, then the site with plants where flowers are mostly planted with white or tender-lilac flowers will act soothingly after a busy day.

It is important to choose not only plants forLunar garden, but also a place on the site where this corner will always be appropriate. The light of the moon plays an important role for the lunar garden, but you need to think carefully about street lighting. After all, if there are clouds in the sky, then the plants in such a flower garden will not look the way they were intended. Therefore, the lighting of the garden should be arranged in such a way that the light emanating from it should be soft, muffled. For this purpose, lamps with frosted glass are best. Creating a lunar garden, you need to take care and that to it were laid convenient paths. Here, the winding garden paths will look better.

Plants for the lunar garden

Choosing plants for the lunar garden, in the firstTurn the emphasis should be made on those that have white flowers, silvery or bluish foliage. It can be both herbaceous plants and shrubs. The lunar garden can be built in several tiers. This will add extra volume to the garden. Best of all, this corner will look, if it will go a smooth twisty line. The lunar garden, whose boundaries pass by the ornamental pond, will be an even more interesting solution for garden design. Here you can install a bench, painted in white, and then such a corner will become a romantic place in the garden.

When creating a lunar garden, it is important to know with whichShades well blend white and gray colors. This is usually a lilac, yellow, red, burgundy or purple hues. Plants with such flowers perfectly complement the moon garden.

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