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How to create a garden maze

The garden should have an interesting accent, whether it be a tree or spreading a picturesque pond.

Such an interesting and unusual item and you can create your own hands. Try to plant a garden maze.

As it is very pleasant to walk, and for the kids it is the real attraction.

Select the labyrinth shape. It may be square, and circular and triangular. The choice must be due to the shape of your garden plot.

Draw a rough layout of the garden, consider, whereInputs will be located in the maze, which can be somewhat (although it can be quite limited, and a single). In the middle of the maze triple composite center. This is a small area, towering over the entire composition. This may be a small fountain, surrounded by flower beds and benches, or evergreen, fir, pine and arborvitae. It is also possible to arrange a high bed of annuals.

Labyrinth can be made as from plants, or from stones. Stone maze lay tiles or flat stones, they can be put to dig or flat end face into the ground.

Vegetable mazes are much more diverse. They can be arranged in almost any plant. The most budget option - of annual flowers. Pick flowers with thick bush and flowering during the whole period. It can be snapdragon, coleus, ageratum, celosia. Very original look mazes of ornamental cabbage, or kohii (summer cypress).

If you are confident in your choice, putPerennial Flowers: stonecrops, loosestrife, irises, Liatris and many others. Pick perennial flowers, flowering which replaces each lruga, then your maze will be decorative all season. But do not put too many different types, so the garden was not too colorful. This makes it difficult to perceive its outlines.

Of conifers create mazes thatdecorative all year round. Very beautiful are the gardens of deciduous shrubs: spiraea, physocarpus, Derain. However, this garden has its drawbacks, the bushes need to be periodically trimmed, giving them the correct geometric shape.

After planting arrange track. Dig a trench depth of 25 centimeters. On the contour paths make the curb. Fill the trench with sand, tamp, and then pour the rubble. He lay on top of the selected coverage.

It's nice to walk along the paths of grass. Make a border of a special tape, tamp the soil and sow grass. Periodically, it bevel trimmer.

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