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How to create your own fund


How to create your own fund</a>

The foundation is a non-profit organization,Which is a combination of the property of several individuals or legal entities to achieve certain goals. The fund is needed for someone who wants to engage in charitable or other socially useful activities.

It is created by one or several founders by making a decision on its establishment and registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

Founders form the property of the foundation.

You will need

  • It is necessary to acquire the Federal Law "On Non-Profit Organizations" of 12.01.1996.



Russian legislation does not contain a listTypes of funds. The simplest classification is classification based on the institution. Private funds are created by individuals, for example, family members. Corporate funds can be created by companies or non-profit organizations. Public funds are created by public associations or initiative groups of citizens. There are also mixed funds.


Fund Is a legal entity, This means that he has the right to acquire and exercise property and non-property rights in his own name and bear obligations, to be a plaintiff and a defendant in court. Fund Is considered created from the moment of its state registration and has no limitations of the term of activity, unless otherwise specified in its constituent documents.


The foundation is created by the decision of itsFounders (or founder). In the first case, the fund's founders hold a meeting at which they decide to establish the fund. It also approves the charter of the fund - its main document, which sets out its goals. If the founder of the foundation is one, he personally decides on the establishment of the fund and approves the charter.


The sources of the formation of the fund's assets can beBe receipts from the founders, voluntary contributions of any interested persons, income from doing business and any other means. According to the law, the profit received by the fund is not distributed among the founders. The property and all described proceeds are the property of the fund. They are used for purposes specified in the charter.


FundAs well as other non-commercial organizations, they are registered with the territorial body of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. The following documents are required for registration of the fund:
1. application-
2. The charter in triplicate-
3. The decision to establish the fund in two copies-
4. information about the founders in two copies-
5. receipt of payment of state duty (fee - 4000 rubles) -
6. information on the location of the permanent authority of the fund for communication with it.

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