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How to create your fund

How to create a fund

Foundation - a non-profit organization,which is a combination of several assets of individuals or entities to achieve certain goals. The fund needs to someone who wants to do charity or other socially useful activities.

It is created by one or more founders by making a decision on its establishment and is registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

Founders form the assets of the Fund.

You will need

  • You must purchase the Federal Law "On Noncommercial Organizations" from 12.01.1996, the



Russian legislation does not contain a list oftypes of funds. The simplest classification - the classification on the basis of the institution. Private foundations are created by individuals, such as family members. Corporate funds can be created by companies or nonprofit organizations. Public funds are public organizations or initiative groups of citizens. There are also mixed funds.


Fund It is a legal entity, which means that he is entitled to his own name, acquire and exercise property and non-property rights and obligations, sue and be sued in court. Fund considered created from the moment of its state registration and has no limitations on how long activities, unless otherwise stipulated in its founding documents.


Creation of a fund going to address itfounders (or founder). In the first case, the founders of the Fund to hold meetings, at which the decision on the establishment of the fund. It also affirms the charter fund - its main document, which defines its objectives. If the founder of a fund, he personally makes the decision on the establishment of the fund and approves the charter.


Sources of formation of assets of the Fund may bebe receipts from the founders, voluntary contributions from any interested persons, income from entrepreneurial activities, and any other means. By law, the Fund received profit is not distributed among the founders. Property and income are all described property fund. They are used for the purposes specified by the charter.


Funds, as well as other non-profit organization, registered in the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. To register for the fund, the following documents:
1. zayavlenie-
2. The charter of three ekzemplyarah-
3. The decision to establish the fund in two ekzemplyarah-
4. information about the founders of two ekzemplyarah-
5. Receipt of payment of the fee (fee amount - 4000 rubles) -
6. information on the place of the permanent organ of the Fund to communicate with him.

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