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How to create a full-fledged website


How to create a full-fledged website</a>

Own a full-fledged website can be ordered or done by yourself.

The main thing is to put clear tasks before yourself or the developer of the resource.

It's easy to create a full-fledged and high-quality portal on your own, it's important to know where to start.

You will need

  • - CMS-
  • - Photoshop or CorelDraw.



Decide on the direction of the future full-fledged site (business card of the company, information portal, communication center, online store) and its markings.


Analyze the top ten in the extraditionSearch engines in the direction of your site. For example, if your site is dedicated to landscape design, type this query in the Google and Yandex search engines. Open top10 sites and see their design, the number and subject of articles, photos, videos.


Make your own site map toCompletely reflect all your desires. It can be drawn on a piece of paper. Let's return to the example. Websites about landscape design in the top10 have a photo gallery, news, interesting articles on the topic, video lessons. So, in the portal being developed all this should be.


Add a forum and blogs to the site structure, if it isWill be used for private purposes. For the corporate resource, it will be mandatory to have a feedback form, for the online store - an interactive product catalog and an order booking form.


Learn one of the site management systems (CMS) andThe basics of web design. With the help of CMS, you can create a unique site and arrange all the elements of the structure in the way that you imagine. The control system allows you to easily connect various informers, forum, blogs, insert material, product catalog, etc. Without a web design, you can not make a full-fledged original site.


Create a unique style of your resource. Bright distinctive features of your portal can be outstanding design, navigation, tag cloud in the footer, unusual buttons.


Take into account the opinions of others when creating the site. Choosing the style, ask a few people what they like about the sites, which is not.


Fill the site with content, while it is worth using not only textual information, but also graphic. Great, if you can pick up a video on the topic of your site.


Add the site to the index. To do this, create a personal cabinet in Yandex. Go to the Webmaster tab.


Entrust the promotion of the site to professionals toYour resource has become full and popular with people. Without advancement and search engine optimization it is impossible to attract a decent number of visitors, and the site will not fall into the top10 of the search engines.


Do not wait for the lightning speed of your workA full-fledged website, because only the indexing process lasts from two weeks to a month. To promote your project in the initial stages, you can use offline advertising or, for example, a positive PR in various forums.

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