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How to create a farm

Goose - one of the most unpretentious of representatives of poultry

Goose Farm? profitable kind of business that allows its owner if you want to spend time away from the busy city and enjoy communion with the natural world.

If you feel a desire to live and work in such an environment, the poultry breeding? just the thing that you should do.

You will need

  • 1. The certificate of farm registration
  • 2. A plot of land outside the city
  • 3. The heated or heated aviary
  • 4. The equipment for the content of geese
  • 5.? Breeding? chicks
  • 6. The stock of feed



Buy land in the countryside,sufficient size to graze poultry around 1,000 units. For the farm of the same name provides legal form under which the easiest and will register your new? Enterprise ?. To create a limited liability company at first for anything, nothing will prevent, if successful, to do it later, teaming with other lucky farmers.


Construct buildings, which will containgeese. The basic requirement? the division of the house into two zones for adult birds, and for the young. It is particularly important to maintain the heat in the second, so poultry house should be permanently heated or heated with portable appliances.


Get a equipment for the house, ratheruncomplicated, but without which do not succeed. This special water tanks (geese have a need not only to drink, but in the washing of the beak), the feeder and litter? Bird nest ?, protect from cold. Sometimes, farmers prefer to use for breeding birds mini-incubators are installed in the same house.


Purchasing, finally, and? Tribal? chicks?apartments? for which at your goose farm ready. To grow one adult bird will need to closely as possible to protect poultry house from drafts, cold air, heat the living area calves to 30 ° C.


Establish business relationships with suppliersanimal feed? although in the summer and autumn geese can just let go on grazing, winter and most of the spring to feed poultry accounts independently. But some owners of poultry farms generally prefer to keep the geese on the compound feed all year round? This can significantly save on the amount of land repurchased by the farm.

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