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How to create a department of the company


Today's business reality is that the need for new specific departments periodically occur not only large but also very small companies.

And operating departments are often subjected to all sorts of reorganization and restructuring.

However, the departments of the company may not appear from nowhere and disappear just as suddenly.

There are certain rules according to which the creation of new organizational units.

To create a card is not required to change the articles of association

The head of the company should be remembered thatthe formation of the new department does not require making any changes to the constituent documents. Post office and it can be based on an existing statute of the company or enterprise. In addition, the creation of a new structural unit does not involve his statement on a separate tax account, it does not provide for the registration of other state bodies. However, the new Department of activities should be appropriately regulated and formalized in a separate provision.

To create a department needs to develop its position

Creating a new department anticipates writingspecial provision that would stipulate the main purpose of his work. Constitute provisions should the company lawyers, based on current legislation and the corresponding regulations. The provision should specify the name of the department, the head of the function, structural division, subordinate to which the department will be.

Then the lawyers of the company needs to developjob description for the employees of the department. It should contain a clear and very specific list of duties to which they are assigned. And the job description, and location of a new department signed by the head of the enterprise, as well as the head of the legal service and the chief accountant.

To create a department, it is necessary to develop a work schedule

With the content of the job description and position of the department on a mandatory basis should be aware of all its employees. At the same time they have to put their paintings in a special journal.

To create a department is to maketimetable for its employees. As a rule, these are handled by experts on labor and company lawyers. When scheduling takes into account the specificity of the department, the wishes of its employees. At the end of the development schedule must be brought to the attention of employees. Immediately after that, they can begin to carry out their duties.

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