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How to start a dead battery

How to start a dead battery

Early in the morning you are in a hurry for an important meeting.

Get out of the house early so had time to spare. Come to my car in the parking lot, but she does not want to open with a keychain alarm - a sure sign of a dead battery.

The reason for this unfortunate incident can be left on overnight parking lights, low beam headlights, fog lights, radio, or just on the whole lamp light in the cabin.

You will need

  • Several volunteers, the second serviceable car, tow rope, wire to? Booster ?.
  • Spanner 8, 10, 12, 13,14, flat screwdriver, possibly a knife.



You are lucky if you have a manualgear. Start the car with? Pusher? you will be a few volunteers willing to go with you or just sympathetic to your grief. To do this, you need to roll out the car on a straight section of the yard or parking, turn on the ignition, the first or second gear to disperse the car with the clutch pedal depressed and abruptly let her go. If the motor is defective machine starts.


A more effective way to start the car with?pusher? This recourse to the second car, which will tow your overclock. Set the machine to each other and connect the tow rope, when this method is better to include a third winding of the transmission, when a speed of 40-50 km / h, release the clutch. When the engine start squeeze the clutch, turn on? Neutral? and the signal towing.


If there is no room for maneuver or youautomatic transmission will help you this way like? prikurka ?. For it is also required if your vehicle. Machines exhibited the hood to each other, cars batteries are connected to the wires? Booster? according to the polarity. First of all start the car with a working battery and provide work for about five minutes, after which you can start up the car with the dead battery as usual. After the successful launch of the machine, disconnect the wires.


If you keep the car in the garage, you probably haveyou or your neighbor's garage has a charger with which you can also start the car. Connect the outputs of the device to the battery according to the polarity, turn the device into a network Wait for five minutes, you can start the engine. Turn off the device from the mains and then from the battery terminals.

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