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How to get a dead battery


How to get a dead battery</a>

Early in the morning you are in a hurry to an important meeting.

Leave the house early so that there is a time reserve. Come to your car in the parking lot, but she does not want to open the alarm with a keychain - this is a sure sign of a battery that has been worn out.

The cause of this annoying incident could be left over night lights, headlights, dipped lights, radio tape recorder or just a light bulb in the cabin.

You will need

  • Several volunteers, a second serviceable car, a tow rope, wires for "lighting up".
  • The car keys are 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, a flat screwdriver, possibly a knife.



You're lucky if you have a mechanical boxGear. Start a car with a pusher? You will be helped by several volunteers who want to leave with you or just sympathizers for your grief. To do this, the machine must be rolled out to a straight section of the yard or parking lot, turn on the ignition, the first or second gear, accelerate the car with the clutch pedal depressed and release it sharply. If the engine is working properly, the machine will start.


A more efficient way to start a car with?Pusher? It's to resort to the help of a second car, which in tow will disperse yours. Set the machine one after the other and attach the tow rope, with this method of excavation it is better to turn on the third gear, when reaching a speed of 40-50 km / h release the clutch. When the engine starts to squeeze out the clutch, turn on the "neutral"? And give the signal to the towing vehicle.


If there is no room for maneuver or youAutomatic gearbox will help you such a method as? A cigarette ?. It also requires a working car. Machines are exposed by a cowl to each other, batteries of cars are connected by wires for? Прикуривания? According to polarity. Firstly, a car with a working battery is started and allowed to run for five minutes, after which it is possible to start the car with the battery in the normal mode. After a successful start-up, disconnect the wires from the machines.


If you keep the car in the garage, then for sureYou or your neighbor on the garage have a charger, with which you can also start a car. Connect the device's outputs to the battery in accordance with the polarity, turn on the device in the network wait for five minutes, you can start the engine. Turn off the device from the mains then from the battery terminals.

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