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How to create a crusher in minecraft

How to create a crusher in minecraft

Huge opportunities offeredplayer computer game Minecraft, expanding even further by connecting various additions and mods. There are new components and circuits, priorities change.

For example, in addition Industrial Craft2 player can build a special device - a crusher.



The emergence additions Industrial Craft2 completelyIt changed the familiar world of Minecraft. Players were able to create new objects, tools, types of blocks. In addition, there was Maynkraft energy required to operate machinery and equipment, various types of wires for transmission, as well as batteries and generators.


One of the necessary for the efficient operationin the industrialized world has become crusher devices. This device is intended for grinding of different materials in the dust. Different types of dust are required in a variety of schemes and crusher is the sole source of this ingredient.


First of all, you need to gather all the components of the recipe Hogger. To build a crusher will need three units of flint, two cobblestone, and the mechanism and wiring.


Mechanism - is an important ingredient in many circuitsIndustrial Craft2. It is an intermediate, i.e., by itself is incapable of performing any function. To create it, you will need eight bars of tempered iron.


Tempered iron produced by calcination inConventional oven iron ingots. It is necessary for many of the "industrial" recipes, so you should stock up on them in abundance. To build a mechanism, are eight bars of tempered iron bench in the window, leaving free the central cell.


The next intermediate ingredient - chip. Its creation required six insulated copper wire, two units of red dust, and one bar of hardened iron. Copper - a new resource mined underground. By remelting of it can be obtained copper ingots. Three ingot, laid out in a horizontal line on the bench, will give six units of bare copper wire.


The tires used as insulation - evena new material made from remelted latex, which is extracted from special rubber trees. To isolate the wire, arbitrarily position in the crafting window, the copper wire and the rubber in a ratio of one to one.


Wiring going to the following recipe: upper and lower horizontal filled insulated wires, placed in the center bar of hardened iron, and on the edges of the middle horizontal - two piles of red dust. However, the wire can be placed vertically, while the red dust should be put on the edges of the middle vertically.


For the construction of the the top Hoggerhorizontal window bench three gravel unit. In the central square, place the mechanism, and the left and right of it - the cobbles. Finally, the wiring diagram must be placed in a cage under the mechanism.

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