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How to create a computer service


Many people dream about their business, but what to do, that success was predetermined?

There is a simple solution.

Create service computer repair.

You will need

  • 1) Office of 5-10 sq.m.
  • 2) Computer
  • 3) Internet
  • 4) sticker advertising
  • 5) 5-10 person team of repairmen.



Renting an office in the city center. For a start will be enough of 5-10 sq.m.


Must be ordered in the printing (print shops) or print out flyers themselves.


Sticker around town spread your advertising. The most optimal, this bulletin boards at bus stops, shops and other public places.


The Internet has created a website with information about your business: services, rates, address, phone number and so on.


Give announcement of a set of masters team. Many young people are looking for such work. And it is very well versed in computers. So, with recruitment problems will not arise.


Once your ad is spread throughout the city,and there is support on the Internet, and is willing to work, you will begin receiving calls from customers. You can work both in the office and on the road.


The salary to its employees can be paid by the piece, or not a big salary, with interest of the work performed.


And so, your business has started to work and makeincome. It is important to keep a record of the growth of your business. Summarize monthly. And even draw a graph. So you will be able to timely make adjustments in service development.


Importantly, both you and your employees communicate with customers. This affects your company's reputation, and therefore the overall efficiency.

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