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How to create a compiled file

How to create a compiled file

Compilation, commonly referred to as the procedure of converting source code written in high level language into ready-to-execution module in a machine-oriented language.

That is, a program written in a human readable language, translated into code that the computer can perform with minimal pretreatment.

For the source code written in different programming languages, use different software compilers.



If you need to compile the source file Flash element stored in fileth extension fla, then this can beused, for example, the application Adobe Flash - it is the most frequently used for creating and editing Flash movies for different purposes. Start the compilation procedure with the boot fileand containing the source code. You can do this by calling the standard open dialog fileand "Open" command in "File" menu of the application. You can also use keyboard shortcuts ctrl + o, or simply double-click fla-file mouse. Press the key combination ctrl + enter, if the code fileand does not need to be edited in a singlepurpose of the operation is its compilation. Adobe Flash will make the necessary steps and Flash Element you see in finished form on the screen, and compiled file It will be saved with the same name but with the extension swf.


If you want to compile, for example,the source code of the indicator or expert used when trading in the Forex market with MetaTrader terminals, a sequence of actions to be about the same. Start by downloading the source fileand in MetaEditor, which installsautomatically with the terminal. This can be done through the command open in the section file, using the keyboard shortcuts ctrl + o, or double-click on containing the source code filein extension or mq4 mq5 (depending on the terminal versions). To compile use the compile file editor under the menu or press f5. The compiled code will be saved in file with the extension ex4 or ex5.


If you want to compile file with the extension chm, which oftenused to store the reference documents in html format, for example, in the program Htm2Chm to do this, click on the button "Create" in the main application window. The program will open a dialog box in which you need to specify the relevant source fields file, The storage location of the compiled fileand, the document title, its language, and then click "Start." The program compiles and stores file with the extension chm.

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