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How to create a compiled file


How to create a compiled file</a>

A compilation is usually called the procedure for converting the source code of a program written in a high-level language into a ready-to-run module in a machine-oriented language.

That is, the program, compiled in a language understandable to a person, is translated into codes that a computer can perform with a minimum of preprocessing.

For source code written in different programming languages, different compiler programs are used.



If you need to compile the source file Flash element stored in the fileE with the extension fla, then for this we canUse, for example, the application Adobe Flash - it is most often used to create and edit flash movies for different purposes. Begin the compilation procedure from the download fileBut containing the source code. You can do this by calling the standard opening dialog fileAnd the "Open" command in the "File" section of the application menu. You can also use the hotkeys ctrl + o or just double-click fla-file Mouse. Press ctrl + enter, if the code fileAnd does not need editing, but the onlyThe goal of the operation is to compile it. Adobe Flash will do the necessary actions and you will see the flash element in the finished form on the screen, and the compiled file Will be saved with the same name, but with the extension swf.


If necessary, compile, for example,The source code of the indicator or expert used in Forex trading in MetaTrader terminals, the sequence of actions will be approximately the same. Start by downloading the source fileBut to the MetaEditor editor, which is installedAutomatically together with the terminal. You can do this using the open command in the file section, using the ctrl + o shortcut, or by double-clicking on the source code fileY with the extension mq4 or mq5 (depending on the version of the terminal). To compile, use the compile command in the file section of the editor's menu or the f5 key. The compiled code will be stored in the file With the extension ex4 or ex5.


If you want to compile file With the extension chm, which most oftenIs used to store help documents in html format, for example, in the Htm2Chm program, click on the "New" button in the main application window. The program opens a dialog box, in the corresponding fields of which you must specify the source file, The place where the compiled fileA, the title of the document, its language, and then click the "Start" button. The program will compile and save file With the chm extension.

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