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How to create a catalog of goods store

How to create a catalog of goods store

Product catalog - is the foundation of today's Internet-shops. After all, he is in full production of one or another online merchant.

The same goes for paper catalogs, representing the company. Therefore, it is necessary to design special attention.

Also, experts have made a number of recommendations that will help to create a catalog of goods store.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Special Programs-
  • - team of professionals-
  • - Photo.



directory success is primarily dependent on itscontent. Specify the most complete information about a particular product or service. If you want to interest the customer, for example, cosmetic services, it is appropriate to give as the announcement of a few historical facts about it. If you are engaged in the proliferation of clothes, describe at the beginning of the benefits of a particular model. Do not forget to check out and well-written texts. Positioning itself as a solid company can not give the consumer a product which contains a lot of errors and inconsistent information.


Be sure to Apply for a beautiful and bright pictures. They will bring the focus to a particular product or offer in your catalog. Alternatively, you can use animated images. They enhance the ability of presentation of the proposed categories. In addition, it can be your original chip. Experts estimate - quality pictures determine the success of the catalog page by 90%.


Think on what parameters you will shareproducts or services by category. It is necessary that the client does not wade through the vast amounts of information to find the right. Therefore, your task is to compile a catalog so that the person who is looking for the right sweater, could find it literally five minutes and 2 mouse clicks on the category. Here, as nowhere else relevant principle, the simpler the better.


Include in your catalog and technical section. With it, the client must be easy to navigate in price, size, number of services, time, etc.


To create a directory, use the speciallayout and design software. Such a huge amount of online. Just grab a ready-made template for the base and fill it with information and images of the desired. If you want to create your directory and from zero, hire a programmer who can do for you base your future on-line or paper edition.

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