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How to create a casual hippie style

How to create a casual hippie style

Hippie style spawned many trends in modern fashion.

Elements of this style is appropriate to look at almost any wardrobe but frankly the business.



Hippie created their own distinctive style, borrowingclothing items from many cultures. The inspiration for them were Central America and the Middle East. The result is a madly eclectic stylish direction, which is now again ascends to the peak of popularity.


Traditional hippie clothes elements - flared jeans, tight striped pants flying tunics with high waist, loose tunics embroidered, knitted sweaters, scarves, bandanas and fringe.


Accessories in hippie style, above all, areway to express yourself. All kinds of wooden amulets and charms, beaded baubles, ribbons in her hair - all this very clearly demonstrate hippie worldview and its relationship to the surrounding space. Traditional shoes hippies - sandals, sandals, high boots soft. Often hippie style can be confused with the country, as both fashionable trends prefer natural materials, Openwork jersey, suede and fringe, which are often decorated with bags, jackets and shoes.


In today's world of hippie style expanded the borders, but hardly altered. Just now the elements of such a garment can afford ladies generally do not share the worldview of hippies.


To create a modern wardrobe in hippie styleYou can use all the basic models of clothes that came from the seventies. Sundresses, jeans, tunics and long skirts can be an excellent basis for the wardrobe. But with the accessories have to be a little careful. Modern-style hippies or hippie-chic concise and stricter its progenitor. He did not polished, and allows us to express ourselves.


Traditional hair bands can be replacedstylish, relevant bands. Instead of wooden bead and jewelry to take the more conventional: metal, precious and semi-precious stones, in some cases, you can use decorations made of modern materials.


There is another way. The basis of the wardrobe can take things more relaxing design and colors, but complement their diverse hippie paraphernalia - amulets, bracelets, hair bands. Moreover, the calmer your clothing, the more insane accessories can be used, but it is not necessary to go to far.


As a basic wardrobe for such an option combinations fit things in casual style or country. Do not mix accessories in a hippie style with things a business or elegant style.

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