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How to create a cartoon "Tangled"

How the cartoon Tangled


Tangled "- the jubilee, the fiftieth animated feature Disney Studios, directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard and released in rent in 2010.

This is the first and the most expensive Disney 3D-animation in the classic style.



The idea to film an adapted version of a fairy taleGrimm was born near the Walt Disney back in the 40s, but, unfortunately, remained unsold. For the case come multipliers in 2007. In an effort to make the story a fresh, dynamic and fun, they also reworked the character. Modern Rapunzel turned more independent and courageous than the original tale. In addition, the English version of the cartoon called Tangled ( "complicated story"): The company went on to change the title to attract a wider audience, since, in their view, the word "princess" or the princess's name in the title would attract only little girls.


Furthermore, during operation the writers come toIt concluded that in history there will be two main characters - Rapunzel and Flynn adventurer. This is the most colorful and elaborate of all the male characters of Disney fairy tales about princesses. According to one of the directors Howard, once they have collected all the women in the studio workshop entitled "awesome guy" to find out how to be the perfect handsome. As a result, as Greno says, was created perfect.


cartoon production was extremelytime-consuming and laborious. The style of "Rapunzel ..." was created under the impression from a picture of the French painter Rococo Jean Honore Fragonard "Swing, swing, or happy accidents." The creators tried to cartoon was designed in the best traditions of the old hand-drawn Disney - but in three-dimensional format. Many technological techniques and tricks have been developed by the studio is already in the process of working on the cartoon.


So, to simulate living shimmering luxuryprincess hair (having a length of 21 meters), was invented Dynamic Wires technology. It is animated 147 different hair samples and, ultimately, modeled 140,000 individual pryadok.


"Rapunzel" is located at the junction of the comedy genre andmusical, and music plays an important role in it. Music was written by Alan Menken. According to him, the first thing he read the original story. When working on a scale, he decided to mix the medieval folk music and folk-rock '60s like Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell and others.

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