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How was the animated film "Rapunzel: An Intricate Story" created


How the Rapunzel cartoon was created: an intricate story</a>


Confused story "- the anniversary, the fiftieth full-length animated film studio Disney, filmed by directors Nathan Grena and Byron Howard and released in 2010.

This is the first and most expensive Disney 3D cartoon in the classical style.



The idea of ​​screening an adapted version of a fairy taleBrothers Grimm was born at the very Walt Disney in the 40's, but, unfortunately, it remained unrealized. Multipliers took action in 2007. In an effort to make the story more fresh, dynamic and fun, they also reworked characters' characters. Modern Rapunzel has turned out to be more independent and brave than in the original fairy tale. In addition, the English version of the cartoon is called Tangled: the company went on to change the title to attract a wider audience, because in their opinion, the word "princess" or the name of the princess in the title would only attract little girls.


In addition, the writers during the work came toThe conclusion that in history there will be two main characters - Rapunzel and adventurer Flynn. This is the most vivid and thoughtful male character of all Disney fairy tales about princesses. According to one of Howard's directors, one day they gathered all the women of the studio for a meeting called "The Shocking Guy" to find out what an ideal handsome guy should be. As a result, as Grena says, perfection was created.


The production of the cartoon was extremelyLaborious and painstaking. The style of Rapunzel ... was created under the impression of a painting by the French painter of the Rococo era Jean Honoré Fragonard "Swings, or lucky fortunes of a swing." The creators sought to ensure that the cartoon was sustained in the best traditions of the old hand-drawn Disney - but in a three-dimensional format. Many technological methods and tricks have been developed by the studio already in the process of working on a cartoon.


So, for imitation of live overflowing luxuriousHair princess (having a length of 21 meters) was invented technology Dynamic Wires. 147 different hair samples were animated and, eventually, 140,000 individual strands were modeled.


Rapunzel is at the junction of comedy genres andMusical, and musical accompaniment plays an important role in it. The music was written by Alan Mencken. According to him, first of all he re-read the original fairy tale. When working on the scale, he decided to mix medieval folklore music and folk-rock 60's like Kat Stevens, Johnny Mitchell and others.

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