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How to write a business plan for the bank

How to write a business plan for the bank

When lending to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs Bank may require the prospective borrower business plan on which the requested loans.

And rightly so, because the bank must be sure of the solvency and profitability of the client.



Basically, business planWhich is necessary for bankIt does not differ from the standard model business plana. Although you will have to adapt to the requirements of certain commercial establishments, if they submit their claims to the development of this document.


Be sure to open in business plane for bank answers to the following questions:
- The more noteworthy given business Project-
- If he is able to give the desired results-
- Ways in which it can be implemented.


To do this, place the information in a few blocks of generalizing:
- Actions that need to be spend to achieve tseli-
- The amount of necessary costs (initial and ongoing) -
- Payback period and estimated profit.
According to this data bank should determine the key financial and economic indicators of the project, the necessary investments and results.


Distribute information on items. As a rule, banks require business planWhich has a content of:
- title page-
- A brief description of the project is
- Characteristics predpriyatiya-,
- Market research, competitors, customers and valuable
- The time required for implementation of activities, including a calendar plan-
- The cost of creating the project and the current activity-
- Input-funding sources
- Assortment, pricing, and revenue predpriyatiya-
- Short zaklyuchenie-
- Application.


Make business plan so that after review BankIt assesses the ability of your company to generate cash flow for timely settlement of the loans. In addition, it should assess the existence and quality of collateral for a loan (mortgage) that the risk of loan defaults in the event of an unsuccessful business development was minimal.


Remember that the bank primarily drawsattention to the current situation in the company. Therefore, he will analyze a balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit and loss account. Less attention is usually paid to the potential of the project and its future possibilities.

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