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How to create a business

How to create a business project

Business design involves careful calculation and the ability to foresee the future and is one of the main tools of business.

Business project can be developed on the enterprise as a whole (both new and under current) or business lines (products, works, services).



Remember that a business project - a document. It formed the goal to be achieved, is their justification, ways of solving problems are defined. Building a business project is a coherent chain of occurrence of the economic concept to produce and implement a profit.


In preparation for a business project, definesources of relevant information. It can be educational and professional literature, courses on drawing up business projects, Internet resources, audit reports, etc.


Next, decide the business objectives of the project. They concretize ideas emerged. Actual is correct and convincing justification of the project, which could confirm the effectiveness of the use of financial resources and to guarantee a profit.


Evaluate and identify possible targetaudience, which calculated your business project. Selecting the audience determines the specificity of the project, ie, need for one or another side of the firm.


Set the overall structure of the new documentand gather information for the preparation of each of the identified sections. The work on a business project can attract economists, accountants, financiers, marketers. Gathering internal information workers will be engaged in the organization, and information on market conditions and the financial projections will produce external consultants.


Then go directly to the registration anddrawing up the document. When all sections of the business project will be developed, should prepare a summary of the main ideas of the project. In order to obtain constructive criticism business project can be sent for analysis by disinterested experts, able to evaluate the work.


Check in your business project following sections:
- title page-

- summary-

- History predpriyatiya-

- The essence of the project is

- The state of affairs in the industry, analysis rynka-

- Description konkurentov-

- marketing plan-

- production plan-

- financial plan-

- Organizational plan-

- risk assessment-

- Application.

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