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How to create a beekeeping business plan

Developing a business plan for beekeeping needed if you want the most business leaders understand how to construct his work, to consider the possibility of increasing profits and reducing costs.

More serious business plan is required when applying for state preferences in the form of subsidies and tax breaks.



When preparing any kind business plan try to adhere to the following structure: 1) the title sheeted
2) CV (3-4 pages) -
3) analysis of the situation in the industry (3-4 pages). -
4) The production plan (no more than 5 pages). -
5) marketing plan (no more than 5 pages). -
6) organizational plan (2-3 pages). -
7) financial plan (no more than 5 pages). -
8) conclusion.


On the title page, specify the name of your business plan (May coincide with the name of the organization), the addressand the name of your organization, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the founders of the project are a few lines. In summary, the project reflect the goals that are pursuing as a result of the breeding of bees and produce their products. You specify which can benefit society and themselves as a result of their activities.


In the third section, reflect the nature of the industry -growing, stable or stagnant. Shall describe the overall needs of the population in honey and related products, if they are going to produce. In this section, write, for example, that the bee products are in high demand not only in the food industry, but also in medicine. Describe your occupation beekeeping in terms of relevance to their region and the country as a whole. Specify the share, which is the production expected to take at the moment in relation to competitors, call their competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.


In production terms, specify the way how tousing bee colony get honey, propolis, pollen and other bee products production, which are really going to produce. Describe in detail the technology of production, list of suppliers of raw materials, the number of employees in the apiary, the cost of production of fixed assets, the annual cost for its products, ensuring environmental and industrial safety.


In marketing terms, specify that the sale of products is fully organized and is not expected failures, justify the price of the products, please tell us about the organization of advertising sales.


In organizational terms, give information on the status of the organization and the statutory instruments and financial position.


Section of the financial plan in the business plan isthe most crucial. It is necessary to reflect the scope of the proposed funding for the maintenance of the entire bee colonies and apiaries, profit plan, the calculation of indicators of economic efficiency of the project, the breakeven point, the payback period, the fiscal effect of the project.


In the final part reflect a summary of each of these parts.

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