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How to create a bootable floppy disk

How to create a bootable floppy disk

This article contains detailed information abouthow you can easily and quickly create a bootable floppy disk for Windows NT or Windows 2000 to get a quick access to the disk, which disrupted the boot sequence of commands on a computer with an Intel processor.

You will need

  • Clean the floppy disk, CD, Windows 2000, or Windows NT, or working on a computer running Windows 2000 or Windows NT



First, you need to format a floppy disk using the Windows NT format utility. For example, type the command line: format a:


Select and copy the Ntldr file thatIt is located on the installation disk Windows NT, the installation diskette or Windows NT computer that hosts the same Windows NT. If you need to get the file from Ntldr._, then use the command expand Ntldr._ Ntldr


Select and copy the prepared floppy Ntdetect.com file.

Shape the Boot file.ini (it must be copied from a computer that is running the identical version of Windows NT, and then modify it in accordance with the data of the system that are using).

Following is an example for a SCSI diskpartition, and Windows NT operating system in the WINNT folder. The information presented in the section [operating systems], depending on the configuration of a computer running Windows NT, which is carried out directly access.


Restart your computer, run it to work with the system boot, and log on to Windows NT.
For successful operation of the computer the best wayuploading will not emulate DOS Windows, and the creation of a boot diskette. And it will be better because creating a floppy disk, you will be able to configure any necessary parameters. For example, in emulation is not entered drivers for your sound card, so the game will be accompanied by no sound.

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