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How to create a blog

How to create a blog

At present, there are several options for setting up your blog.

Thus, it is possible to organize a separate sitesecond level domain name, or you can simply create an account on the popular "diary" resources and lead a normal blog diary. Two of these variants blog creation fundamentally differ from each other in time, effort and even money.

Free blog on "common" blogoplatformah

In the heated debate underway today amongWebmasters on the relevance or irrelevance of doing these blogs, as well as the opportunity to gain on them. However, the sites LiveJournal, LiveInternet, Blogspot, and similar resources are still working and actively replenished by new users.
To create a blog, you need onlya few minutes of time for registration and registration settings for your page to blogoplatforme. At the same time the blog owner will receive a third-level domain name: for example, aaa.livejournal.com. Easy and no need to pay for the creation of an electronic diary - obvious advantages of such a method. However, it has significant drawbacks. Firstly, all the materials that will be posted in the blog, do not formally belong to their author, and site-blogoplatformy owners. Second, the possibility of "fit" design blog on LiveJournal LiveInternet or very limited. Finally, the limited and the possibility of earning from an electronic diary on the common blogoplatforme.

"Detached" blog, or stand alone

Blog stand alone in its essence - a fulland independent website with your second level domain name (for example, life-trip. ru or martathai.ru), usually a registered individual. Most often stand alone blogs are created and operate on the basis of ready-administration systems like the popular WordPress, Joomla, etc.
Such blogs have also advantages andlimitations. Among the obvious advantages - copyrighted opportunity for the owner to choose their own custom design of your site, as well as all potential revenue from advertising will do just the owner of the site, which often is the author of the content.
However, there are very significant disadvantages in"Detached" blogs as compared to known accounts on blogoplatformah. For example, if the message in LiveJournal usually gets in the search results Yandex and Google has a few hours later, after the placement, the
blog stand alone for the same fast indexing will take months, and even years of promotion on the web, content quality content and some other measures.
In addition, the very creation of the blog stand alone and his work are not free. As a minimum, the site owner will need to regularly pay a domain name and hosting services.

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