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How to create a bit

How to create a bit

Rap and hip-hop today is interested in the massyoung people, and many are interested in the issue? how to make a good sound for its well-read texts on the mic, and how to make a quality musical bit or minus a special rap.

Since the rap? contemporary style, and you plan to create minus one, standards-compliant, you need to use it to create a special program for the creation of electronic music samples.



Using high-quality software for musicians, you can step by step to create a more or less professional music track, gradually improving their skills.


There are several popular programs,have a sufficient number of options for creating a good bit. An example of such a program? Imagine Line Fruity Loops Studio. This program is quite good for a budding musician? it is easy to understand and has intuitively simple interface. Its minus? in a limited number of samples and tools to create them, but if you want you can find on the Internet additional samples and to install them manually.


A more professional and more difficult to masterprogram? Steinberg Cubase. It is used if you are confident in their abilities and have already had to deal with audio software. One of the best tools for creating mixes rap? ProTools, but you can use it only if you have a computer powerful enough and strong sound card.


To create something really worthwhile inthe world of music, you will need not only good software, but no less quality synthesizer workstation functions. Suitable for professional music workstation is working a lot, and it must be chosen carefully in order to secure the right set of tools, functions and audio settings for creativity. Good workstations released Korg, Yamaha and Roland.


Start creating backing tracks for rap to createbit? principal bass rhythm, which is then overlaid melodic instrumental part. Take the creation of bit serious? this basic rhythm, which should serve as the pulse of your composition, be strong and varied. Do organic transitions rhythm depending on the planned change places melodies.


After the rhythm parts designed and created, limits its melody part? and here you need to include all their imagination, using samples and synth sounds.


The melody should not be taken mixed and unclear? it should be simple, but catchy and interesting, and in any moment of the track must be monitored at constant powerful rhythm.


Toward the end of his track diversify some unusual tool or another type of the rhythm section.


Once you created it? be engaged his attention, which give the track or sound engineer can learn to do the basics of music information.

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