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KRASSULA: caring for a money tree


Crassula: we care for the money tree</a>

Crassula has long been very popular among fans of indoor plants. In the people it is called Tolstyanka or "money tree".

However, not everyone knows the subtleties of caring for her, so often the plant does not take root.

To Krasusul developed well and, according to popular belief, brought good luck and prosperity to the house, it is necessary to provide her with comfortable living conditions.

Crassula is from South Africa, so inAt home, she needs to provide good lighting and warmth. The plant is not afraid of direct sunlight, so it should be placed on the southern, western and eastern windows. In summer it is recommended to take out the rosula to the open air. In such conditions, the leaves become rich and colorful.

If in summer you decide to go on vacation, cleanPot with a rosula from the window sill. This is necessary so that the leaves do not get burned. However, do not place it too far from the window. Returning home, do not forget to return the rosula to its former place.

In the winter, when the light day is short,Arrange a small rest for the plant. To do this, you need to significantly reduce watering - about once or twice a month. Make sure that the fattened does not start to fade. If possible, place the pot in a cool place.

Crassula develops equally well for anyTemperature. However, it should be protected against frost. Therefore, the wintering of a fat woman is possible only on a heated loggia or a cool window sill, where it must be cleaned during airing.

Crassula, like all succulents, does not require abundant watering. Focus on drying the top layer of the soil. On average it is recommended to water it a week.

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