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Crassula: take care of the money tree

Crassula: take care of the money tree

Crassula has long been very popular among fans of indoor plants. In people it is called Crassula or "money tree".

However, not everyone knows the intricacies of caring for her, so often the plant does not take root.

To Crassula well developed and, according to popular belief, brought into the house of success and prosperity, it is necessary to provide comfortable living conditions.

Crassula genus from South Africa, sohome it is necessary to provide good illumination and heat. The plant is not afraid of direct sunlight, so it should be placed on the southern, eastern and western windows. Crassula summer is recommended to move to the open air. Under such conditions, the leaves acquire a rich and beautiful color.

In the summer you have decided to go on vacation, removeCrassula pot from the windowsill. This is to ensure that the leaves do not get burned. However, do not place it too far away from the window. Back at home, do not forget to return the Crassula at its original location.

In winter, when daylight is short,arrange to plant a little rest. To do this, you need to significantly reduce irrigation - about once or twice a month. Make sure that the Crassula does not start to wilt. If possible, place the pot in a cool place.

Crassula equally well developed in anytemperature. However, it should be protected from frost. Therefore, hibernation Jade is possible only on the heated loggia or cool window sill, where it is necessary to remove at airing.

Crassula, like all succulents, does not require copious irrigation. Focus on the top layer of soil drying up. The average recommended Crassula be watered once a week.

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