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CRANBERRY lip balm

Cranberry Lip Balm

The berries can not only cook compotes and jams.

For example, cranberry get a very gentle lip balm that has an excellent moisturizing effect.

This balm nourishes the lips with vitamins, gives them a nice rich color.

Necessary components:
- Fresh cranberries - 10 yagod-
-. 1 teaspoon almond oils-
- 1 hour of honey (liquid honey is required). -
-. 1 teaspoon of vitamin E
- A small amount of melted wax.
How to make lip balm cranberry
Take fresh cranberries, crushed it. Mix with almond oil and honey. Heat the mixture, strain to deliver the composition from the skin of berries.
Mix the resulting mass of moltenwax (many do not require quite a few drops). Add the weight of 1 h. Spoon vitamin E (vitamins in liquid form can be purchased in pharmacies). Cool ready cranberry balm. All means is ready for use.
How to use
Apply the balm on the lips when you need themhumidify, for example, before going out into the windy weather. Store in a cool place, in a sufficiently sealed container. Can storage balm to take the empty bottle from under any cream, only pre-rinse it well and dry.
This lip balm will be soft and incredibly smooth.

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