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Cranberry lip balm


Cranberry lip balm</a>

From berries you can not only cook compotes and jams.

For example, a very gentle lip balm is obtained from cranberries, which has an excellent moisturizing effect.

This balm saturates the lips with vitamins, gives them a pleasant, rich shade.

The right components:
- fresh cranberries - 10 berries-
- 1 tsp almond oil -
- 1 teaspoon of honey (requires liquid honey) -
- 1 teaspoon of vitamin E-
- a small amount of melted wax.
How to make a lip balm for cranberries
Take fresh cranberries, crush it. Mix with almond oil and honey. Preheat the mixture, strain to rid the composition of the peel of berries.
Mix the resulting mass with the moltenWaxing (much is not required, just a few drops are enough). Add 1 teaspoon of vitamin E to the mass (vitamins in liquid form can be bought at pharmacies). Cool the finished cranberry balsam. Everything, the tool is ready for use.
How to use
Apply balm to the lips when you need themMoisten, for example, before heading to the street in windy weather. Store in a cool place, in a tightly closed container. You can take an empty bottle from under any cream for storing the balm, just rinse it thoroughly and dry it beforehand.
Thanks to this balm, the lips will become tender and incredibly smooth.

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