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How to roof tiles


How to roof tiles</a>

If you need a practical and very light roof with an original texture pattern, choose a flexible tile.

It is not subject to combustion, temperature changes and corrosion.

In addition, it can be mounted independently.

You will need

  • - plank flooring-
  • - tile sheets-
  • - roofing nails-
  • - metal cornices-
  • Bituminous glue.



For laying flexible shingles, a solidSmooth base. To create it, cover the roof with wooden boarding or plywood. Cover the base with a lining carpet to close all the cracks and joints through which water can penetrate.


First cover one roof slope. Roll the roll along, starting from the bottom. Then level by the edge, cutting off excess carpet around the edges. Fasten the cover with special nails, whose cap has a diameter of 8 mm. Otherwise, the nail will pass through the material, damaging it. Covering the second roof slope, lay the next sheet of lining carpet overlap. Shield edges with bituminous glue. The thickness of the applied adhesive layer should not exceed 1 mm, so that the coating does not dissolve.


To protect against damp ends, useMetal cornices. Be careful when installing them, because for the side and bottom edges you need different cornices. To prevent water from flowing along the pedimental part of the roof, mount the cornices for the side edges with a special lip that serves to slope downward.


When everything is ready, proceed to laying yourselfShingles. In different packages, the shade and texture of the shingles may differ slightly. To make the difference invisible, mix the shingles from different packages. Apply glue to the sheets do not need to, just remove the protective one. But glues must be applied to the joints. Additional sizing protects against moisture penetration. After applying glue in these places, level it with a scraper.


Start spreading the shingles from the bottom edge of the roof. Make it a skate-cornice tile, which has no petals along the edges. Fasten by driving the nails along the top edge of the shingles. Applying the first row of tiles with petals, move away from the edge of the roof 10 mm, so that, stretching, the tile does not protrude beyond the edge of the roof.


Follow the sheets with the previous ones,Combining specially provided for this tooth on the butt. Lay the sheets so that the petals of the upper cover the fastenings and joints of the lower ones. Top of the roof cover with tiles without petals. Divide the sheet into several parts and fasten with nails overlapping, like fish scales.

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