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How to cover the roof with corrugated board


How to cover the roof with corrugated board</a>

To build a wooden "triangle" is not so difficult, especially for those who do it not for the first time.

But how to make a really high-quality, reliable and, of course, attractive roof, from the knocked-down plywood, knows, perhaps, not every carpenter.

You will need

  • Glue gun, screws or soft drills, a standard set of tools from screwdrivers and a hammer



Measure the size of the roof slope - this is the first thingYou must do before starting work. Check the results: an error of one centimeter can cost you a violation of the overall composition and the undesirable outcome as a result.


After measuring, determine how many roofing sheets of corrugated board you will need and whether you need to customize the individual plates for your The roof. If so, measure out the right amount so that all the material is ready for use.


Try to ensure that the length of the roof slope initially corresponds to the length of the sheet. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary work. Remember that the length of the deck by 4 centimeters should be greater than the length of the cornice.


Begin the installation: make sure that the base of the roof is level. Be sure, before laying the cover, lay out The roof A waterproofing layer that does not allow the accumulation of condensate. This will prolong the life and cover, and the entire roof in general.


Lay out the slats that provide ventilation between the hydro-layer and the corrugated board, which will prevent the appearance of mold and other unpleasant things.


Install the crate and begin to install the sheets. Do not forget that this should be done with special heating screws, otherwise the construction will be unreliable.


Be careful, this material is slippery enough that it can cause difficulties when installing it at a height, be sure to take care of the protection.


If you are worried about excessive sliding,(For example, in winter, snow falls off easily from such a roof, which, of course, has its pluses, but also the disadvantages), then install special snow-holders, and this problem will be completely solved.

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