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How to Cover a table with lacquer

How to cover a table with lacquer

Lacquered surface of the table - it is practical, aesthetically, functionally.

Coating of wooden surfaces to prevent their destruction, as the nail perfectly protects the wood from moisture and damage.

Application of the new layer depends on whether the table has been painted, lacquered or planed surface and has not been exposed to any kind of decorative treatment.

You will need

  • - vetosh-
  • - smyvka-
  • - Grinder or bolgarka-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - kist-
  • - valik-
  • - gruntovka-
  • - Stain.



If you want to varnish the table thathas been painted or lacquered surface, the entire layer of old paint to remove any and only after careful processing proceed to the re-coating.


To clear the table of paints,using chemical, mechanical or thermal removal of the old coating. When using chemical flushing, apply it on the surface of the table with a cloth, after 10 minutes, wipe the table with a dry cloth.


To remove the old layer of varnish or paint using a thermal method, use the hair dryer building. To use produce heating of the surface and remove the old layer
a cloth.


To clear the table of the old layer of paintmaterials by mechanical methods using grinders or grinding machine and a fine emery cloth. Gently clean the surface at low speed devices as well as the inclusion of high speed can damage the wood surface, after which you'll have to spend the entire surface putty.


you can apply a coat of varnish or brushroller. If you are using the clearcoat and want to have a shade table, the pre-apply one, two or more layers of a colored stain or primer.


If you do not use stain, be sureprime the table surface is not less than two layers. This will reduce the consumption of lacquer and will align the small bumps, which are always present in the tree, regardless of the thoroughness of its polishing.


Use of water-based primer thatrepresented trade area in a wide range and have different colors, and can be colorless. After application of each layer it give time to complete drying of the surface. It would take 12 hours.


Apply a layer of varnish, leave the table for 24 hours for a complete drying of the first layer. Cover the table for a second time lacquer.

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