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How to calculate the cost

The ability to optimize the cost is not only important in business

The ability to save or, as they say now, optimize costs, it is important not only in business but also in the life of every family.

After all, in fact, competent management of the household budget is based on the same rational principle that expenditure planning in the organization.

The main thing in this matter? correctly calculate the costs and find ways to reduce them.



Make it a rule to write down everything costsThat you make. If you hope for a little memory, because incidentals is so much that at the end of the day everything is and not remember, start saving all the cash receipts from any purchase tickets to travel in transport, receipts for utility payments. Fold them into a single folder, and every few days to destroy it, rewriting amounts from checks in the whole table.


And diversified table of your expenses by highlighting itseparate line for each article costs. At the bottom of the sheet, leave space, to which add extra rows if necessary. Decide on the period of the report and fill out this table for each such period.


The period of the report could be a week, two weeks or a month. You may find it more convenient to attach it to the dates of receipt of the salary, and may be, on the contrary, you will find costs and schedule them strictly for weeks. At the end of each period count costs for each line, and bring their total amount.


Now that you have accumulated a certain amount of information about the costs of your household budget, you have the opportunity to do more detailed planning household expenses. See what costs can be reduced from what can be refuse, and what to save does not work. In most cases, when people begin to purposefully considered costs and plan their spending, they getan opportunity not only to reduce the cash rate their own consumption, while maintaining its qualitative component, but also to defer savings for a serious purchase. It has long been known that the money saved? it earned money.

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