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How to calculate expenses


The ability to optimize costs is important not only in business</a>

The ability to save money or, as it is now customary to say, to optimize expenses, is important not only in business, but in the life of every family.

After all, in fact, the competent management of the household budget is based on the same rational principles as the planning of expenses in the organization.

The main thing in this matter? Correctly calculate the costs and find opportunities to reduce them.



Take as a rule to record everything costs, Which you carry out. If there is not enough hope for memory, there are so many small expenses that you can not remember everything at the end of the day, start saving all cash receipts from any purchases, tickets from trips on transport, receipts for utility payments. Fold them in one folder and once in several days, empty it, overwriting the amounts from checks in the general table.


Distinguish the table of your expenses by selecting in itSeparate lines for each cost item. At the bottom of the sheet, leave an empty space, in which, if necessary, add additional lines. Determine with the report period and fill out the table for each such period.


The report period can be a week, two weeks or a month. Perhaps it will be more convenient for you to attach it to the dates of receipt of the salary, and, maybe, on the contrary, you will consider costs And plan them strictly by week. At the end of each period, count costs For each line and print their total amount.


Now that you have a certain amount of information about the costs of your family budget, you have the opportunity to do more detailed planning of household expenses. Look what costs It is possible to reduce, from what it is possible to refuse, and on what to save in any way it does not turn out. In most cases, when people begin to purposefully consider costs And plan their spending, they getThe opportunity not only to lower the monetary level of own consumption, retaining its qualitative component, but also to postpone the saved funds for serious acquisitions. It has long been known that the money saved? It's the money earned.

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