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A cot with a pendulum: good or bad?


Cradle with a pendulum: good or bad?</a>

Cots with a pendulum make life easier for parents.

However, the argument of the convenience of putting the baby in bed with such a mechanism is often crossed out by myths about the harm of such furniture.

To choose a bed with a pendulum, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarity of products of this type.

Cradles with a pendulum mechanism - the mostFunctional children's furniture, which can be supplemented with a drawer for laundry, falling boards. There are also beds-transformers with cradles, variants with or without wheels. And, finally, furniture with a universal, longitudinal or transverse mechanism.

The obvious benefits of cots with a pendulum

Depending on the design of the mechanism, the cribCan be pumped lengthwise or transversely. Universal solutions allow you to make movements both transversally and longitudinally. But, as a rule, they are more expensive than other beds.
The pendulum mechanism allows you to rockNewborn in the crib, not on the hands. This method is good for those who have just two babies born or a child is heavy. However, cots with pendulums have opponents who assure that the crumb does not need to get used to such a way of packing. This is true, but it must be taken into account that all children are different and to calculate ahead of the situation with the possibility of independent sleep of the son or daughter is impossible.
The presence of a pendulum is especially convenient if the childOften wakes up. In this case, there is no need to take it out of bed, so that the baby falls asleep again. It is enough to shake a crib. And more physiological solution is the longitudinal motion sickness of newborns in the crib.

Arguments "against" pendulum mechanisms

Beds with pendulums of any type are sufficientExpensive - their price is traditionally higher than that of standard baby beds. Also it is necessary to take into account that furniture with a pendulum mechanism is useful to the family only in the first months of development of crumbs. As soon as the baby can roll over on the barrel, sit down alone - there is a risk of tipping over the crib. For this, there is a possibility of blocking in the mechanism. After the pendulum is locked, the cot turns into an ordinary bed.
Opponents of cots with pendulums believe,That the rocking of the baby with a view to falling asleep adversely affects the baby's vestibular apparatus. However, in contrast, we can say that to rock the child in this case is harmful and on hands. In addition, soft swaying is a natural condition for the crumbs, to which he was accustomed still in the womb of the mother.
Finally, against beds with pendulumMechanisms are people who practice joint sleep with their babies. But to decide in any case, parents independently, remembering that cots with pendulums are safe. Of course, if you buy products of a well-known manufacturer, created from environmentally friendly materials.

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