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COT pendulum: benefit or harm?

Cot pendulum: benefit or harm?

Cribs with a pendulum significantly make life easier for parents.

However, the convenience of the argument placing the baby in the bed with such a mechanism is often crossed out myths about the dangers of such furniture.

To choose a bed with a pendulum, you must take into account the peculiarity of this type of product.

Cots with pendulum mechanism - the mostfunctional children's furniture, which can be supplemented with a box for clothes, openable sides. There are also bed-transformers with cradles, versions with or without wheels. Finally, the universal furniture, the longitudinal or transverse movement.

The obvious benefit cots with pendulum

Depending on the design of the mechanism, the cribYou can download a longitudinally or transversely. Universal solutions allow to make movements and transversely and longitudinally. But as a rule, they are more expensive than others cots.
Pendulum mechanism allows rockingnewborn baby in the crib, and not on the hands. This method is good for those who were born just two toddler or child is heavy. However, the cots with pendulums there are opponents, assuring that the crumbs do not need to get used to this method of laying. This is true, but you must bear in mind that all children are different, and calculate in advance the situation with the possibility of an independent sleep son or daughter is not possible.
The presence of the pendulum is especially convenient if the childoften he wakes up. In this case, there is no need to remove it from the bed to the baby back to sleep. It is enough to shake the crib. Moreover, the decision is considered to be more physiologic longitudinal rocking newborn in a crib.

The arguments "against" the pendulum mechanism

Beds with pendulums of any kind enoughexpensive - the price is traditionally higher than that of standard cots. Also keep in mind that the furniture with a pendulum mechanism is useful only to the family in the first months of crumbs. As soon as the baby is able to roll on the flank, to sit alone - there is a risk of overturning the crib. For this blocking mechanism is possible. Once locked, the pendulum bed turns into an ordinary bed.
Opponents cots with pendulum believerocking that baby for the purpose of sleep negatively affects the vestibular apparatus of the baby. However, in contrast can be said that the rocking baby in this case and is harmful to the hands. In addition, gentle rocking - a natural state for crumbs to which he was accustomed to in the womb mother.
Finally, against the bed with pendulummechanisms are the people who practice co-sleeping with the kids. But to solve in any way the parents on their own, keeping in mind that the beds are safe with pendulums. Of course, if you buy products known manufacturer, created from environmentally friendly materials.

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