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CORRECT transplant orchids

Correct transplanting orchids

Orchids, like other houseplants, from time to time need to replant.

This is an important step in the proper care of the flower and pledge the full flowering and development.

First transplant is needed only ifroot system has outgrown the pot began to rot the roots, the soil turned to dust or detected pests such as snails, slugs, millipedes, mites and others.
To transplant is successful, it is important tochoose the time for it. Sympodial orchid should be repotted when new sprouts. In this case, it is important to get ahead of the formation of their root system. Monopodial orchid undergo routine transplant when the roots appear green shoots.
The best time for grafting - spring months. During this period it begins a new growth of leaves, and the spring sun smoothes stress in plants. Without apparent reason, it is not necessary to disturb the orchid from September to February.
Before transplanting the plant should be well dried. This is because in the root system is inevitably damaged during the procedure, and dry faster wound tightened. If the plant is difficult to extract from the vessel, it is possible to moisten slightly the ground, but before planting a new pot he has good dry for 8 hours.
Check out the old soil for the presence of pests. If any are found, the flower soak in water for several hours. After this procedure, most of the pests die. Remove the rotten and dead roots using disinfected scissors. Places slices treated with charcoal to protect against rot.
New pot 1/3 fill drainage. Plant a plant and sprinkle with new soil. After the transplant, watering the orchid can not 5 hours. Allowed only foliar spray.

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