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CORRECT punishment: how is it

Correct punishment: how is it</a>

Many parents often ask themselves: how to punish correctly so as not to harm the child's psyche? Physical punishment is considered inhumane, but a word can cause significant harm.

Theme of methods of punishment in the process of education is always relevant.

Physical violence is denied because it generates only a multitude of fears for the child, and not due respect for the parents.

And yet children should be punished, tk. This forms in them clear ideas about what can and can not be done, as well as understanding what is good and bad. But you need to do it right.

It is unnatural to limit the child's biological needs. You can not leave him without lunch or dinner and all the more so all day long to force the child to do only lessons.

You should create something like a set of rules. It will set out the penalties applicable to certain types of violations (from small to serious) on the part of the child. And of course, you need to bring them to the attention of the child.

Parents should be fair, so as not to lose credibility and respect, otherwise the child may harbor grievances against adults.

If there are more than one child in the family, then the punishment for all must be the same without exception, otherwise one of the children may develop an inferiority complex.

If the parents promise to punish the child for some action, then you must definitely keep your word, because in the future the child will not take your words seriously.

Do not put labels on the child and do not call him - this humiliates the dignity of the baby.

Never shout at a child. Children tend to attract the attention of adults through their actions and actions. So just calmly explain to the crumb that no one will communicate with him if he continues to behave badly. Conversation on high tones or shouting can lead to the fact that the child will close in itself. It is necessary to be a friend of the child, so that he knows with whom he can share his secret thoughts and desires. Try to apply in punishment the restriction of movement: put in a corner or sit in one place. And in the situation of punishment it is necessary to know that punishment should not undermine the authority of parents in the eyes of the child.

Replace the phrase "you're bad" with "you did bad". So the child will understand that he is still loved, despite his actions. You can not punish yesterday for bad actions.

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