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CORRECT punishment: as

Proper punishment: as

Many parents often wonder: how to punish, not to harm the child's mind? Physical punishment is considered to be inhumane, but the word can cause significant harm.

Subject methods of punishment in the process of education is always current.

Physical violence is denied, because it creates a lot of fear in the child rather than due respect to parents.

Yet children should be punished, because it provides them with a clear idea of ​​what is possible and what is not, and to understand what is good and bad. But it should be done right.

Unnatural is to limit the biological needs of the child. You can not leave it without a lunch or dinner and even more throughout the day to encourage your child to engage in lessons only.

It is necessary to create something like a set of rules. It will be spelled out the penalties applicable to certain types of violations (from minor to serious) by the child. And of course, you need to bring them to the attention of the child.

Parents need to be fair, not to lose credibility and respect, otherwise the child may harbor resentment toward adults.

If more than one child, the punishment for all must be the same without exception, otherwise one of the children may develop an inferiority complex.

If parents promise to punish the child for some action, you will certainly need to keep his word, because in the future the child will not take your words seriously.

In no case do not hang on the baby labels and do not call him - it demeans the dignity of the child.

Never yell at the child. Babies tend to attract the attention of adults through their actions and deeds. So just calmly explain the crumbs, what happened to him, no one will talk, if he continues to misbehave. Talk in raised voices or shouting may result in the child closes in itself. You must be a friend of the child to know who can share their innermost thoughts and desires. Try to apply the punishment of traffic restriction: to put in a corner or sit in one place. And if punishment is necessary to know the situation that the punishment should not undermine the authority of parents in a child's eyes.

Replace the phrase "you're bad" to "you're not done." So the child will understand that he is still loved in spite of their actions. You can not be punished for yesterday's bad actions.

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