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CORRECT promotion

Proper promotion

The word must be understood as encouragingsome incentive for wanting to do or learn something new. Also promoting can be regarded as a kind of reward for the statement, after which the child realizes that he is doing the right thing.

It is necessary to choose the right way to encourage it to be pleasant to the child and is the engine for further actions.

Remember that financial incentives should not be a primary, because then the baby will do anything for money. The best and most accessible form of encouragement - praise.

Agree - all like to be forsomething to praise. Come to any praise creatively, otherwise constant praise and encouragement which encouraged lose their ability. Also remember that a child needs to understand what he was praised. Praise him for his excellent drawing or for what he diligently removed the toys for themselves, while utter praise with proper intonation. Your child will understand your tone of voice and facial expression.

Also commendable is also a great way to encourageis physical contact. No child who would not like kisses, hugs and affection, so you need not only to praise the child, but also to hug him at the same time. In addition, you can also give him treats, play with him or give gifts, if the child does not respond to verbal encouragement.

Pleasant surprises also can vary. Remember that promotion in the form of treats should be temporary, so if you do something to regale, always praise him. Over time, the need for feasts will disappear, and praise - will remain.

Encourage your child's success, its achievements and diligence. Praise him suddenly to avoid habituation to the praise.

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