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Crown-hairpin made of felt</a>

A small princess dressed in a stylish lace dress with bows, no doubt, will approach a gentle and graceful crown-barrette, made of felt.

You will need

  • - felt (thickness - 2mm) -
  • - beads and pearls-beads-
  • - needle for beads-
  • - Threads of black and pink color-
  • - scissors-



Make a pattern and translate it to felt, carefully cut. The size of the pattern is 9 cm, length - 13.5 cm.


On the sewing machine or manually apply stitches with black threads in the form of twigs.
Sew on seed beads near twigs.
Then add the pink pearl.


Decorate the crown with beads. To do this, you need to cook 5 pearls and beads. Insert the needle into the end of the crown slightly under the slope and thread on the needle first the pearl, then the beads. Then insert the needle back into the pearl, leaving the beads on the thread and tighten the thread. Thus, the bead will fix the pearl. Carefully make a knot on the wrong side.


On the right side of the crown, draw a line, stepping slightly from the edge and overlapping (to the strip) with the other side of the crown. Connect the two sides with an invisible seam.
Cutting out a felt ring, sew it as a bottom to the crown. Prepare a dowel-duck and sew a crown to it.
A circle of pink felt cover the bottom inside the crown.

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