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How to copy files xp

How to copy files xp

Often users need to copy a program in Windows XP.

You can do this in several ways.

The original file is not deleted, which is much easier to work on the computer.



Click "Start" and then "My Computer." Locate the hard drive, network drive or other storage device where there is a folder with the necessary files, and double-click to open the contents of the disc. Scroll through the list of all the files down until you find the right for you to. If you are planning to move to another folder or drive filesRecently downloaded from the Internet, check the "Mydocuments "and a work desk to find them. Many of the programs are downloaded in a compressed format, so you may need a program to decompress.


Highlight the file that you want to copy,clicking on it once. Do not open it. To copy more than one file or folder, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select any of them to copy and move. Now press the C key when selection is complete. All selected files and folders are copied.


Open the folder where you want to move files, Select "Edit" and then "Paste" from themenu at the top. If the folder where you want the application does not already exist, use the button "Create New Folder" to do it. Thus any filesThat you chose in the previous step will besent to the selected folder. The source code will remain unchanged, and it will be an exact copy of the specified location. If a previous copy of the applications you no longer need, you can send the selected folder without problems in the "shopping cart."

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