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How to copy from the cache


How to copy from the cache</a>

You often watch movies and videos online.

I want to somehow save them.

It happens that the resource on which you watch them, does not allow downloads.

This is not an obstacle, because you can save them on your computer's hard drive using the browser's cache.

How to do it, read on.



Start the browser. Then go to the site where you watch videos or movies online. To copy the cache, you need to know which folder it is stored in. Open the program "Explorer" or alternative to it, for example Total Comander. Navigate to the directory where your browser is installed.


Locate the cache folder. All the videos that you watch on the Internet are automatically saved to this folder. After the end of the scan, they are automatically deleted. There is a misconception that the contents of the files in the browser cache are using memory resources. If it's a video for about 20 minutes, it's logical, but when you watch movies that can last up to three hours, it's reasonable to assume that this information could just overload the memory and cause the computer to hang.


Find the file in the cache folder, which continuously changes its size. This is the file that you are currently viewing online. To save the cache, do the following.


After the movie or movie is completeDownloaded, copy it and move it to another directory. In order to view it later, rename it, assigning the swf extension at the end. This manual is suitable not only for copying a multimedia product, but also for any other information that is temporarily stored in the cache folder.


If you can not find this folderManually, track its address using the settings of your browser. To do this, click on the "Help" item on the toolbar, select "About" in the toolbar. A list appears. In it, select the "Block path". Then, to quickly find the directory, press Ctrl + F and enter the word cache. Then press the Enter button. In the list, select the item that reflects the location of the previously mentioned folder on your hard drive.

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