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How to copy animated gifs

How to copy animated gifs

You can call it something like a gathering instinct, but sometimes, when the network comes across really worthwhile animated picture, it would be desirable to keep.

Consider how to save the animated image on the example of the Opera browser.

You will need

  • - Opera browser



Run Opera browser and open itpage, which is the correct picture. Wait until it is fully loaded. About partial load would indicate that the animation is played slowly or intermittently. Click on the picture, right-click.


If after the click menu appears, in which there isselect "Save Image" (which means that the picture has a gif format), click on the item. In the window that appears, type the path to save, if desired, specify a name and click "Save". If after clicking the right mouse button menu appears, in which there is no option "Save Image", then, the picture has swf format, ie copy the above method will not work.


In this case, type in the address bar of your browseropera: cache and click the Enter key on your keyboard. A window will appear through which you can access the cache browser. Cash - is the data that the browser uses to display web pages, they may be code, banners, Pictures, Music and so forth.


At the bottom is a list of files onyou've visited recently. Click over to the one on which you see your favorite picture. Click on "Preview", which is the right of the name of this site. In the next window will appear a list of files downloaded from this site. Look among them a file with a name that may be associated with the theme of the roller and the extension * .swf.


If you find the file you want, click on it. In the window that will start the animation playback. If this is not the file, press the Backspace, to come back. After finding the desired image, click on the right mouse button and a pop-up menu, select "Save link as the" navigate to the file and click "Save".

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