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How to copy animated pictures


How to copy animated pictures</a>

You can call it something like the instinct of collecting, but sometimes, when the network comes across a really worthwhile animation picture, you want to keep it.

Consider the order of saving animated images in the example of the Opera browser.

You will need

  • - Opera browser



Launch the Opera browser and open it in it.Page, on which there is a necessary picture. Wait until it loads completely. About incomplete loading will be evidenced by the fact that the animation is played slowly or intermittently. Click on the picture with the right mouse button.


If after the click a menu appears, in which there isThe item "Save Image" (this means that the picture is in gif format), click on this item. In the window that appears, specify the path to save, optionally specify a name and click "Save". If after the click the right button of the mouse there is a menu in which there is no "Save Image" item, then the picture has the format swf, i.e. Copy it in the above way will not work.


In this case, type in the address bar of the browserOpera: cache and press Enter on the keyboard. A window will appear, through which you can access the browser cache. The cache is the data that the browser uses to display the web page, they can be program code, banners, Pictures, Music, etc.


At the bottom of the window is a list of files on theWhich you visited recently. Click on the one on which you noticed the picture you like. Click the "Preview" button, which is to the right of the name of this site. The following window will list the files downloaded from this site. Look for a file with a name that can be associated with the movie's theme and the * .swf extension.


If you find the desired file, click on it. The animation will start playing in the opened window. If this is not the file, click Backspace to go back. Having found the picture you need, right click on it and select "Save as link as" in the appeared menu, specify the path for the file and click "Save".

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