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How to copy a book

How to copy a book

The book - a universal means of entertainment. In addition, you can have a good time for entertainment literature, you can also learn a lot of useful knowledge on the topic that interests you.

Unfortunately, in most cases we do not have enough space to be worn with a book.

In this case, we can use our mobile phone to read what we are interested in, without burdening themselves more weight book.



To copy book on the mobile phone, for starters, we need it to scan and recognize. To do this, scan book and run any image converterdocument. Adobe Fine Reader is suitable for this best of all - it supports a large number of pages, easy to use and has a high recognition quality.


Once you have digitized book and translated it into a format document word,Use the special program for the conversion. The fact that the phones that are not smartphones, do not support the format «doc» and «txt». Download Internet program that can convert «doc» format files in java-applications.


Run this program. Adjust it according to your phone. Pay special attention to the size of the text - on the page must fit the maximum amount of text, but it should not be too small. After converting, copy the application to your phone, or by using a memory card or usb cable.

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