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How to cope with the fear of the dark

How to cope with the fear of the dark

Fear of the dark, or niktofobiya is most common in children, in some people, it persists into adulthood.

To get rid of this phobia is to find out what caused it, and consistently deal with specific reasons.

What causes fear?

Before we deal with the fear of darkness,try to find out exactly what you are afraid, what caused your fear? Perhaps at night you hear some sounds or you frequently watch horror movies. Remember that one of the main way of perceiving the world around the person - this vision. When you're in a dark place, the brain is deprived of visual signals from the authorities and begins to panic. The hearing in the darkness greatly exacerbated, so any whisper when fear of the dark leads to negative visual images in the human imagination, which in turn exacerbates the feeling of fear.

Be rational

Once you determine that it causesyour fear of the dark, try to find this logical, rational explanation. Many people tend to fantasize. The slightest unusual for their event can cause panic. For example, if you are afraid that night someone broke into your house, lock all doors and windows, and remember that even if something will happen, it will not do without a strong noise. If the darkness is afraid of the baby, play with him before bedtime. Have him check his room, look under the bed, in the closet, behind curtains, etc. This approach often works in children.

Take a break

If there is a fear of the dark in bed whenyou're trying to sleep, try to escape, think of something good. For example, think about what you're going to do the next day. If you are planning to go on vacation, think about where and how you spend it, even if there is up to the holiday months. Your task - to rid your mind of negative thoughts. To distract himself, you can also listen to music, read a book, watch a TV show or a humorous comedy.


Often the cause is not the fear of darkness, andthe objects that surround you. In the dark at niktofobii some things can look pretty scary, in fact, no fear they do not usually cause. Try to make these things out of the room for a while and look at his reaction. If your fears disappear, often see things that cause them. Again and again, you tell yourself that it's just furniture and nothing scary there is no gradually return them to the place and get used to their presence.

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