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How to cope with dust


How to cope with dust</a>

Dust - this phenomenon is very unpleasant, it can not only worsen the appearance of the apartment, but also negatively affects health.

It is completely impossible to get rid of dust, but you can reduce it to a minimum.



Regularly ventilate the room so that the air is constantly updated. To improve air quality, use a cleaner or ionizer.


As often as possible, do a wet cleaning. Several times a week, wash the floors, wipe the microfiber cloth with dust from the bedside tables, cabinets, shelves, household and digital appliances. Do not forget to remove dust from chandeliers, houseplants, floor vases and books.


Several times a month, beat out upholstered furniture. Before you start the process of knocking out, put a wet sheet on the couch or chair, then the dust settles on it.


Regularly wash the curtains, bedspreads, plushToys. In these things, a lot of dust usually accumulates. Bed linen change at least once a month. Dry the blankets and pillows in the warm season with sun.


For cleaning, it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner withA powerful filter and a sealed dust collector, such an aggregate copes with dust as much as possible. If you remove the dust from the floor with a broom, it will rise in the air and settle on other objects, and also get into the airways.


Comb your pets several times a week, and to collect their wool from the floor and furniture, use a special vacuum cleaner attachment.

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