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How to cope with the dust

How to cope with the dust

The dust - this phenomenon is very unpleasant, it can not only worsen the appearance of the apartment, but also adversely affects the health.

Get rid of dust is completely impossible, but you can reduce it to a minimum.



Regularly ventilate the room so that the air is constantly updated. To improve air quality, use an ionizer or purifier.


How can often do wet cleaning. Several times a week wash your floors, wipe with a microfibre cloth dust from the cabinets, cabinets, shelves, appliances and digital devices. Do not forget to remove dust from the chandeliers, indoor plants, floor vases and books.


Several times a month knock out upholstered furniture. Before you begin the process of knocking out, lay on a sofa or chair damp sheets, while the dust settles on it.


Regularly wash curtains, blankets, plushtoys. As these things usually accumulates a large amount of dust. Bed linen is changed at least once a month. Blankets and pillows in warm weather dried in the sun.


For cleaning, it is desirable to use a vacuum cleanerpowerful filter and sealed dust collector, this unit copes with the dust as much as possible. If you remove the dust from the floor with a broom, it rises into the air and lands on the other subjects, as well as get into the respiratory tract.


Comb pets several times a week, and to collect their wool from the floor and furniture, use a special vacuum cleaner nozzle.

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