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How to cope with insomnia?

How to deal with insomnia?

The first signs of insomnia may be disturbing signals to the body. Sleep disturbance at night affects the activity of the body during the day.

Chronic insomnia can have negative effects on the heart, on the psychological state of a person, a violation of breath.



Before going to bed should be only a light meal. A heavy meal will force the body to work, which may be the first cause of insomnia.


Walk before bedtime will help the body get tired. The decline forces may cause drowsiness.


In order to overcome insomnia, you need to give up the drinks that enhance the body's activity.


Before going to sleep, you need to relax and forget all the troubles.


Get rid of insomnia will help warm bath. In the bathroom, you can turn on soothing music.


Make room for more comfortable sleeping. If the room is too light, you can hang dark curtains to help remove excess light. It is also able to overcome insomnia comfortable bed with comfortable pillows and a warm blanket.


Remove from the bedroom TV room. View various programs, movies or programs before going to sleep can cause a variety of emotions. This is an obstacle to a good and quiet sleep.

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