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How to cope with the autumn depression


Autumn melancholy prevents you from enjoying the Indian summer? It's hard to get out of bed, vivid landscapes are not pleasing to the eye, but in the thoughts of confusion and bad weather?

You may need time to get rid of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).



Symptoms. Let's see what kind of a beast, the CAP, and how it looks.
- Hypersomnia
- fatigue
- Frequent changes of mood
- Excessive emotionality
- Exacerbation of fear and guilt


Move your body. It is trouble-free exercise influence on our well-being. We lift ourselves out of bed and the Scourge to charge. After a 5-10 minute warm-up, you will feel more viable. And after work, take the time to visit the gym or outdoor games with friends. In bad weather prefer TV game of table tennis or bowling.


Sleep in moderation! It is important not to forget this period of sleep and wakefulness. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time, measuring out about 8 hours of sleep. Desire to lie in bed longer inexorably, but having overcome it, you win well-being. Excessive exposure to the realm of Morpheus draws us into a vicious circle - the more you sleep, the more you want.


The autumn-winter period - a difficult time for diets. Try to balance the diet. At this time, the body especially needs vitamins and trace elements. Do not overdo it with the sweet. Carbohydrates increase the mood, but at the same time a large number of cakes and biscuits, and increase your attraction to the earth.


Whether brighter! Change the palette of his wardrobe. Add a bright accessories, bags, scarves. A bright coat, boots? Why not? Psychologists have shown that color perception affects our mood. So let's use it to their advantage.


Divide your fall with a friend. Not locked within the four walls of their home. barbecue and picnic time is over? Let. But even in winter there are many exciting activities in nature. Freezes? Embark on a visit to the exhibition, in a café, share each other's interests. A good company is always encouraging.


Let there always be sunshine! Try as much as possible to stay in the sun. If a sunny day, have the opportunity to go out, go out. It sunlight reduces the production of melatonin, a hormone that causes drowsiness and seizures. Make brightness home lighting and workplace. This will help you wake up.


Light therapy. If tried a written above, but does not help, as seasonal depression symptoms are already unbearable, pass two-week course or purchase a special light therapy lamp. Brightness therapeutic lamps up to 10,000 lux. During the sessions, you can read or talk on the phone, as long as the light falling on the retina of the eye. Daily use of lamps from 30 minutes to two hours in the morning will help you to cope with adversity, caused by an excess of melatonin. The researchers argue that on the third day of therapy noticeable positive effect.

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