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How to cope with a sun allergy

How to cope with a sun allergy

Sun allergies or solar dermatitis(Fotodermatit) are increasingly seen in people of all ages though. The reason may be hidden inside disease unfavorable environment, the impact of increasing solar activity.

Coping with a sun allergy, or at least to reduce the unpleasant symptoms can be minimized, subject to certain conditions.

If you notice that even aftershort stay in the sun you began to appear redness on the skin in the form of spots, rashes in the form of urticaria accompanied by swelling, burning and itching, then it most likely manifestations of solar allergies or solar dermatitis.

Most correct in this case - as soon as possiblemake an appointment with a dermatologist or allergist. You may appoint additional examination. The doctor will recommend a comprehensive treatment in the form of antihistamine tablets, ointments or a course of injections. With the help of medication acute manifestation of solar allergy it will be discontinued, but in the future you have to constantly observe security measures. If you do not pay attention to fotodermatit, it will take a chronic form and can be transformed into eczema.

In order not to provoke the manifestation of the sunallergies, be sure to use sunscreen and body lotion with the highest degree of protection. Besides, it is necessary to smear all the open parts of the body at each exit to the street. Keep in mind that most sunscreens are several hours. Do not skimp on the cream - it is your health and beauty.

The most active and harmful to the sun skin - inApril-June, so during this period obey the so-called light conditions. Try not to be in the open sun from 11 to 17 hours. Of course, it is necessary to completely eliminate the solarium.

By mid-summer skin adapts to the sunrays, and then you can even afford to soak up the sun in the morning and evening, not forgetting the protective cream. Remember that active sunlight can damage your sensitive skin and through the veil of clouds.

Summer clothes should be made of natural fabrics andcovers most of the skin. A great way to protect against harmful sunlight - a hat with a wide brim and sunglasses. Demonstrating creativity and taste, you can look elegant and under such conditions.

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