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How to cope with a child's sore throat

How to cope with a child's sore throat

Angina can be sick not only in winter, but in the off-season.

In most cases of this disease affects children.

If your child has strep throat and rarely brings it relatively easy, it is possible to cope with the first symptoms of the disease on their own, without resorting to a doctor.

The easiest way to treat a sore throat - rinse,a throat through which is purified from bacteria and viruses. As for the components of the solution can be used potassium permanganate, furatsilin or chlorhexidine. Keep in mind that solutions need to be very weak. For kids best for decoctions and infusions of linden, marigold, sage and chamomile. Each procedure is carried out after the meal and repeated after 3 hours.
During angina it is necessary to drink a lot. Drinking not only washes away the pests with the mucous in the stomach, where they are decontaminated at the expense of gastric juice, but also helps to remove toxins and harmful substances from the body. You can drink cranberry or cranberry juice, water, tea with raspberry and honey, warm milk with the addition of butter.
Another aide in the fight with a sore throat - inhaler. This device helps to get rid of pain, inflammation and swelling. For inhalation, you can use a variety of essential oils - sage, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender or fir. Procedures can be performed only when the body temperature exceeds 37,5S!
It is possible to use sprays, tabletsresorption or candies that are sold in pharmacies. They help to cope with a sore throat due to the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components included in their composition. But without a doctor's advice to resort to this method of treatment is not recommended, since they may not be suitable for all children.
Be sure to review the child's menu, deletion of the roughage, injuring his throat. Food should be warm, without seasoning and spices.
Independently treat the child can only be,When angina symptoms just appeared. If after 2 days the state of the baby does not improve, you should always consult a doctor to rule out any bacterial infection that can develop into streptococcal tonsillitis.

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