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How to cope with a bad mood

How to cope with a bad mood

You overcome a bad mood, or you've already run into a prolonged discouragement? Of course, you can afford to grieve his heart's content.

But it is better now to fight for the good mood.



First of all, try to find out whatIt is the true cause of your fallen spirits. It may be in financial difficulties, problems in personal relationships, just bad weather. Only you understand the origins of the problem, you can begin to solve it.


Divide all your troubles on thoseable to solve, and those that do not deal with your power. With thoughts about the latest rasstantes without the slightest regret. But with the first group ready to work. In other words, focus on what you are able to fix it. And action!


Start to get rid of the routine work that is constantly put off until better times. You get a burst of energy, and a sense of accomplishment and pride in themselves enhance the mood.


You will feel much better by making selflessly something good for the people around you. Surely someone worse than you. Do not expect gratitude - after all you are interested in it too.


Visit friends. Communication with nice people (and in fact your friends very often nice people?) Makes you feel better.


Movement - a wonderful remedy for the blues. Dance had a good front of a mirror, or go for a run in the musical accompaniment MP3-player.


Make your dream, big or small. Go shopping, go on vacation, if resources permit. Budget option - lain all day in bed with a book, which had long been planning to re-read.


Eat something good to eat. Seek out on an unusual recipe for cooking sites, such as Mediterranean cuisine, buy everything you need and treat yourself to a heavenly homemade food.


Universal advice - smile! One that you have to change the situation for the better. Use a smile as prophylaxis against bad mood.

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