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How to cope with a bad mood


How to cope with a bad mood</a>

Have you been overcome by a bad mood, or are you already falling into disrepute? Of course, you can let yourself be sad.

But it's better right now to start fighting for a good mood.



First of all, try to find out whatIs the true cause of your fallen mood. It can be financial difficulties, problems in personal relationships, just bad weather. Only after understanding the origins of the problem, you can proceed to solve it.


Divide all your troubles into those that areAre capable of resolving, and those that are not in your power to cope with. With thoughts of the last part, without the slightest regret. But with the first group get ready to work. In other words, focus on what you are able to correct. And act!


Begin to get rid of routine cases, which are constantly postponed until better times. You will get a surge of energy, and a sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself will increase your spirits.


You will feel much better by doing disinterestedly something good for the people around you. Surely someone is worse than you. Do not wait for gratitude - you are interested in this, too.


See your friends. Communication with nice people (and after all your friends are completely pleasant people?) Improves well-being.


Movement is a wonderful remedy for spleen. Dance in the mirror before the mirror, or go for a run in the musical accompaniment of an MP3 player.


Realize your dream, big or small. Go shopping, go on vacation, if the means allow. Budget option - all day lie in bed with a book, which has long been going to re-read.


Eat something tasty. Find on the culinary sites an unusual recipe, for example, Mediterranean cuisine, buy everything you need and treat yourself to unearthly food of your own preparation.


Universal advice - smile! By this alone, you will change the situation for the better. Use a smile as a prophylaxis against a bad mood.

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