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How to cope Jewish Passover holiday

As Jews celebrated the feast of Easter

One of the most important and major holidays in Judaism is Easter. It is this holiday symbolizes the escape of the Jews from the yoke of the slave in Egypt.

Often, such a great festival is celebrated either in April or in the March, according to the Jewish calendar.

But the holiday was held according to tradition, it is necessary to start to organize everything properly.



The Jews called Passover - passed by,they remember the tragic story of the Exodus of the people, as well as its self-determination, because in fact, it is with 14 days of the month of Nisan 3000 years ago, it began the story of the prodigal people.


One of the most important festivals of the week (Easterit is celebrated for a week) to get festive meal, called the seder. It takes place in the very first night of Passover. But before proceeding to the savory meat, you need to prepare. For this excludes any leaven products, which should not be used prior to Easter. By ferment is meant various types of cereals. 6 Then prepare traditional dishes: vegetables, tibia goat or lamb, egg, bitter herbs, pasta. Besides these dishes on the table necessarily have matzah, the so-called Jewish cakes.


First of all, to pray, to say Kiddushand a cup of wine, which is on the table four. Then, wash your hands and eaten vegetables are soaked in salt water. Then matzah is broken, much of it remains in the final dish - afikoman. Then again wash your hands, but with the blessing and eat matzah, bitter herbs, dips into a paste. Then the table is served. It can be eaten all but the leaven. Also during this period drunk the third and fourth cup of wine and eaten afikoman left for dessert.


In addition to the listed holiday meal JewsI decided to watch movies with your family Easter. But relatives can sing and Easter songs that can be executed both in traditional and modern style. Do not rule out all kinds of crafts. With their help, you can bring an even greater sense of celebration in the home. To this end, they carry out with the children. So, you can make matzo house. It is similar to the gingerbread house. Babies also like matzah with chocolate and caramel, from which will be excited, and adults. But it is worth remembering that the products should be taken not forbidden for Jews. For festive meals are prepared together with the children decoration, and for afikoman make a bag, which is then to decorate a variety of crafts or rattles.

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