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How to handle birthdays

How to celebrate birthday

birthday celebration tradition is rooted in the deep past.

Do you want to make this holiday the original - use practices of other nations to celebrate this day.

Many of them are quite nontrivial.



The tradition of handing a birthday cake with candles,that he should blow out, originated in Germany in the XII century. Here are just a feast appeared on the table is not the end of the evening, and chat in the morning. Celebratory cake can be a great beginning of the modern birthday, birthday giving a festive mood and hope for the fulfillment of his dream come true, if he manages to blow out all the candles.


In the same Germany, there is another tradition -unmarried man over thirty years on his birthday and takes the broom is sweeping the streets. At this time, his friends make fun of him and add him to work, throwing small pebbles on the ground. Cleaning lasts as long as passing by a single woman does not give a birthday kiss.


In Russia, the birthday of the soul can compete for the earscomrades, wanting a way to express all of their warm feelings. A similar practice exists in Ireland. In this country, the culprit celebrations flip upside down and gently bob on the floor as many times as the man turns years, and one additional punch - for good luck. It is unlikely that an adult will be delighted to such compliments, but the child may be in awe of such a tradition. The main thing that was congratulating strong hands, and he is not too far from the strike force.


Not sure what to put on the table - Treatgathered noodles. In China, this food represents him longevity, which are willing to give the hero for the day. It is believed that the more long macaroni can draw a birthday, the longer it will live.


In Canada, it accepted to arrange a kind of ambushon the birthday. Loving relatives and friends await hero for the day, and then smeared his nose butter or other foods. In the course can go jam, condensed milk or fruit puree. But in Jamaica, close to the same kind showered the birthday "dust of centuries" as a sign that he has become a year older. In the role of dust usually appears flour.

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