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How to make soup for a 10-month-old baby


How to make soup for a 10-month-old baby</a>

Each child develops according to a personal program, set by nature. Nevertheless, there are general standards that the child must meet.

So, in the menu of a healthy 10-month-old baby, even if he is breast-feeding since birth, there are already a variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals, pasta.

The simplest way is to prepare these products in the form of soup.

Vegetable soup with rusks

If a child grows up in a house, a blender inEconomy will be simply necessary. With it, you can quickly make soup from vegetables and cereals. Rinse and peel potatoes, medium carrots, half a purple bulb. Scald a couple of sprigs of cauliflower in boiling water. Vegetables cut into large pieces, dip into boiling water and boil until cooked. Throw a brew of dill into the brew.
Cool the soup to the temperature of fresh milk andVery quickly, a few turns, scroll it in a blender. At 10, your baby already has the first milk teeth, and the developing jaw must constantly work. Soup must necessarily include soft pieces that need to be chewed and grinded.

Put in the soup for the child only proven ingredients that do not cause him allergic reactions. The reaction to new products should be checked beforehand, introducing them into the diet in scanty portions.

Serve the finished dish with melted butterAnd throw a few small cubes of bread into the liquid. The same soup can also be made on meat broth. Slices of boiled chicken, veal and rabbit are thrown into the blender together with other ingredients.

Milk soups with cereals and pasta

Milk soup - one of the most simple and satisfyingDishes, which can be prepared for a 10-month-old baby. They are prepared according to the same pattern. Buckwheat (buckwheat or rice), rinse thoroughly in cool water and drop into hot water. For one serving of soup, there will be enough 1 tablespoon of rice (buckwheat) and 0.5 glasses of water. When the croup is softened, add a glass of milk, stir everything and boil.
Soup with pasta to cook even easier: In a glass of boiling milk, pour a handful of thin vermicelli and bring it to readiness. Use a thick-walled saucepan only after rinsing the dishes in cold water. Cook this soup over low heat. Dish with cereal or pasta fill with butter, you can add a small amount of granulated sugar.

Today it is believed that in dishes for children under one yearDo not add salt for the prevention of heart and kidney disease. Sodium is found in vegetables, cereals and other products. The need for a 10-month-old baby in salt is up to 350 mg per day.

For a small gourmet

If your baby likes variety, tryMore original recipes for children's dishes. For example, prepare the original cheese soup. To do this, take 100 g of your child's favorite vegetables (these can be carrots, potatoes, cabbage, zucchini, onions), rinse them and clean.
Cut the vegetables into small slices and put them inWater or strained chicken broth (0.5 liters). Add the fried manga (1 tablespoon) and cook with constant stirring over low heat for 20 minutes. Put 2 teaspoons of butter, mashed yolk and 2 tablespoons of grated cheese. Preheat the soup for 3 minutes. And served with chopped dill.
Sweetmongers can be offered sweet soups fromMelons, pumpkins, zucchini, fruits. Rinse the selected raw materials thoroughly. For example, boil a large apple, 3-4 local apricots in 0.5 glasses of water and scroll the brew in a blender (wipe through a sieve). The resulting mashed potatoes put in a saucepan on a stove, pour in 0.5 cup of milk and bring everything to a boil. Put a tablespoon of semolina, bring to the ready and fill the prepared fruit soup with grated steep yolk. Serve with slices of soft fruit (bananas, strawberries).

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