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How to Make Sour Mask for Hair


How to Make Sour Mask for Hair</a>

Girls constantly care for their hair, because you want them to be always shiny and thick.

Masks are the most common means for caring for curls.

Among the different folk recipes are popular mask from sour cream, which is an effective cosmetic ingredient.

Use of a mask from sour cream
In sour cream contains vitamins B, C, P, E, A, andA complex of trace elements (iron, fluorine, sodium, zinc iodine). Therefore, sour cream is considered an effective firming agent. In addition, the advantage of a mask from sour cream is that it is easy to prepare.
Sour cream for normal hair and dry hair
The following masks are suitable for all types of hair. However, for dry curls, take more fatty sour cream, for normal buy with a lower fat content.
Mask of sour cream and eggs. Pound the two egg yolks with a couple of spoons of sour cream. Apply on the head, the remainders distribute along the length. Rinse with warm water after twenty minutes.
Mask made of sour cream and potatoes. Mix the juice of one potato with a spoon of honey, sour cream, egg yolk. Apply hair to your weight, wait fifteen minutes.
Mask of sour cream with lemon. Mix two tablespoons of fatty sour cream with the juice of half a lemon, two teaspoons of celery juice. Apply on hair, you can keep this mask longer.
Sour cream masks for strengthening hair, their growth
Mask of sour cream and burdock. Grind the root of the mug, pour a glass of boiling water, insist one hour. Strain the infusion, mix with 3/4 a glass of sour cream. Apply on clean curls, wash with shampoo.
Mask of sour cream and carrots. Rub a small carrot on a grater, mix withTwo spoons of sour cream, apply to the roots of hair, wait for forty minutes, wash with shampoo. The mask is suitable for those who suffer from hair loss. For a pronounced effect, use it twice a week.
Buy only high-quality and fresh sour cream, so that hair masks have the right effect. It is advisable to take sour cream at the bazaar, and not in shops.

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